🌱 Sachem Daily: Two Horses Join Morning Commute + Events For Seniors

Hello again, everybody. It’s Friday in Sachem and I’m back in your inbox to get you caught up on the most important things happening locally.

First, today’s weather:

Partly sunny. High: 75, low: 63.

Here are the top 3 stories in Sachem today:

  1. Events for seniors from June 26 to July 3. Take a look at event listings for seniors to take advantage of in the link. (Subscription: Newsday)
  2. Last Chance Animal Rescue receives a $1,056 donation from Nokomis Elementary school students. The students raised the funds starting in May with a project that included creating adoption ads for the charity’s social pages and selling bracelets. (Sachem patch)
  3. MUST SEE: Two escaped horses guided safely by Suffolk County police on LIE. The horses were on Express Drive North by exit 62 at 7:25 am, and commuters called 911 frantically. Police arrived to make sure they were not hit in traffic, and they were rounded up and returned to their owners. You can watch the video in the link as it’s a must see. (Sachem patch)

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Today in Sachem:

  • Community Service: Kit Creators — Grades 6-12 — Brookhaven Free Library. (All Day)
  • Community Service: Bookmark Create & Design — Teens Grades 6-12 — Brookhaven Free Library. (All Day)
  • Friday Afternoon Creatives — Adults 18 years and up — Brookhaven Free Library. (2 pm)
  • Summer Reading Club Kick Off Teen Volunteers! — Islip Public Library. (5 pm)
  • Adult Summer Reading Club 2022, Oceans of Possibilities! — Islip Public Library. (5:30 pm)

From my notebook:

  • Sachem Library: Head to the library Friday at 11 am for a seminar on PTSD and PTG. Northwell Health staff and physicians will be there to discuss how to cope with traumatic events. (Sachem Library via Facebook)
  • Sachem Schools: Sachem East High School held their graduation on Thursday night. Check out photos of the happy seniors by clicking the link! (Facebook)

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You’re all caught up for today! I’ll catch up with you bright and early tomorrow morning with a new update.

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