10 Best Hanging Tree Tents for Camping in 2022

As the weather changes and you start planning your next camping trip, you’ll likely take stock of your gear from last summer and realize it’s time to upgrade. Your old tent is dirty and torn, and you probably forgot to let it dry completely before packing it away the last time (oops!). Chances are, you’re ready for a new one. If so, why not consider investing in a good tree tent?

Solving issues like uncomfortable ground stiffness, occasional dripping moisture, and even bugs and some animals that might get in your way, hanging tents keep us off the ground and can be a fun change of pace too. Understandably, rising sleep can be daunting, but once you get in, you’ll wonder why you haven’t tried one before. If you don’t know where to start, check out our guide to the best hanging tree tents for your next camping trip.

Place Sky Swing Tent 2

Sometimes all you need is something that protects you from the elements. The Hammock Bliss Sky Tent 2 is ideal for those who prefer the simplicity of a hammock but experience less than desirable weather conditions. If it’s raining, the Sky Tent’s ripstop nylon will keep you dry, and the 2,100 holes per square inch will keep bugs out. What’s more is that the insulated shelter has enough room to cover two tents at once, either one on top of the other or side by side.

Purchase: $125

Lawson Blue Ridge camping hammock

The lightweight, yet durable Blue Ridge Camping Hammock has the accessibility of a hammock, but the reliability of a tent. The brand’s diffuser strap and arch column system keep this bed taut so you don’t have to worry about getting up to adjust your position every few hours. Designed to be easily packed for easy backpacking and travel, Blue Ridge Camping Hammock is simply one of the best options you can buy, especially if you don’t need to share space with someone else.

Purchase: $229

Living Cacoon Double

A fun addition to your backyard, the Vivere Cacoon Double sleeps two adults or multiple kids at one time. Hanging from just a single tree branch, this sleeper looks great too, with a range of color options to match any aesthetic. The Cacoon can hold up to 440 pounds, is bigger and sturdier than it looks, and its 6-foot-round inner diameter is the perfect size, even if you just want to relax and read a book. If you have the space, this hanging tent can serve as a permanent fixture inside your home as well, with tripods available from the Vivere website.

Purchase: $300

Sierra Madre The Newbie MK IV

Sierra Madre’s latest version of the pioneering Nubé lattice hammock shelter is a three-in-one apartment in the sky that features two large doors for easy entry, with the option to keep them open or closed depending on the weather. The highlight of the Nubé is the addition of the gear bag inside the floor that allows you to store anything you need without having to go down to retrieve it. If there are no trees in sight, a gear bag tucks into the bottom so you can use the shelter as a ground tent.

Purchase: $329

Haven XL

Haven is a relatively new company that has started to dominate the industry in recent years, and rightfully so. The best-selling Haven XL is a larger version of its standard tree tent at 80 inches long and 30 inches wide, but it weighs about the same thanks to the 40d ripstop polyester used for the sidewalls and 70d ripstop polyester for the floor. The bed comes with an insulated mattress pad for incredible comfort, which should not overshadow the tent’s sturdy structure. The 20D ripstop rainfly helps keep water and insects away, but lift it up and you’ll have a great outdoor feel inside a hammock.

Purchase: $375


With an array of pockets, sleeping bag compatibility, and a six-minute setup, the AERIAL A1 from OPEONGO is not only one of the most user-friendly tree tents available, but extremely durable thanks to its alloy buckle that has a minimum breaking strength of 3,370 lbs and 7000 series DAC aluminum poles and rod spreader by pressure. Whether you’re lying on an 80-foot mattress or sitting with your legs hanging off the edge of this bed, the bottom stays straight the whole time.

Purchase: $392

Sundanese Kammok 2.0.2 Update

Launched after its founder fell from a torn hammock over a decade ago, Kammok has become a standard of sorts for permanent sleepers. Already dominating the industry with its 400-pound weight capacity (Kammok’s Roo Double holds up to 500 pounds) and water-resistant, tear-resistant nylon fabric, the company has now upgraded its two-person arbor tent with the Sunda 2.0, which you can fully adjust in less than 60 seconds. The storage corridors are larger this time and make this bathtub floor a great choice any time of the year.

Purchase: $420

Tentsile Stingray 3.0.0 Update

Tentsile has many amazing models on the market, and any of them are a great choice, but the company’s flagship Stingray 3.0 is the most versatile. Capable of accommodating 3 adults—or 2 adults with 2 children—with a weight limit of 880 pounds and a vertical height of 4 feet, this tent also offers over 78 square feet of space with its triangular-shaped flooring of 13.5 feet on each side. The tent’s breadth also means it’s a bit heavier than other options (24.4 pounds), however, the Stingray still packs well for travel. With ample storage room, doorways on all sides, and incredible durability, this is the best choice for large families.

Purchase: $729

tree cocoon hut

There’s no reason why hanging sleeping tents can’t be a permanent fixture in your yard. Cocoon Tree Hut is an architectural beauty that will keep you safe with its six mounting points. At nearly 10 feet in diameter, this spherical shelter can take a few hours (and a friend of yours is free) to set up, but it’s large enough to fit an entire double bed inside, with extra room for everything you want. This tree hut into a personal respite from the daily grind. Thanks to the unique structure, strong winds will not affect it much, and the PVC coated polyester keeps this thing waterproof. While the white membrane on the outside is made to last 5 years, the aluminum main frame will last you a lifetime.

Purchase: $10,900 +

tree tents tree tent

Speaking of permanent fixtures, the name of this tree tent indicates that it’s the last tent you’ll ever need. Simply called Tree Tent, the giant apartment in the sky may just be the end of it all for those who can afford it and have the space. Manufactured by a UK-based company, this durable fixture of luxurious brilliance is not only innovative in design but comes with a choice of two single beds or one double bed, plus a slew of upgrades that include a fireplace and LED lighting kit. If you wish, the company will install it for you.

Purchase: $24,416

Top 10 camping hammocks

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