10 Disney Animation Villains Who Have Done Surprisingly Dark Things

Disney Animation is known primarily for its vibrant and kind princesses, who are often good role models for the audience. While Disney‘s heroes are often popular, at times the villains have been more memorable than the protagonists.

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Not only do these villains have fantastic designs, but their acts of evil were so vicious that it is impossible for fans to forget them. Many of these nasty acts are shockingly grim, either because the character didn’t initially appear to be that malicious, or because their intentions are just so vile. A good villain takes actions that drive the plot forward, often motivating the main characters to stand up against them.

10 The Evil Queen Hired A Huntsman To Kill Snow White

The Evil Queen was Snow White’s stepmother, and from the start, she made it clear that she envied Snow White’s beauty. She forced Snow to dress in rags, but eventually realized her beauty could not be hidden.

The Evil Queen ordered her Huntsman to kill Snow White, promising to horribly punish him if he didn’t do what she demanded. Considering the number of skeletons in the Evil Queen’s dungeon, it’s safe to say she wasn’t bluffing. The things the Evil Queen commanded the Huntsman to do were so vile that he couldn’t bring himself to go through with it.

9 Sweet Pete Mutilated Beloved Cartoon Characters

In the Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers film, Sweet Pete was originally Peter Pan, an innocent young boy who never aged. When he ended up aging, he wasn’t able to find any other opportunities as an animated actor, and he turned to making bootleg films.

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Pleased with his own success, Sweet Pete eventually became a crime lord who would forcibly alter the appearance of anyone who couldn’t pay back their debts to him. After they were changed beyond recognition, he forced them to star in various bootleg films.

8 Judge Doom Dropped A Piano On Teddy Valiant

throughout Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, many famous animated characters make cameos. These characters, including Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny, are child-friendly, and their wacky antics may seem dangerous but are never truly harmful. Despite their chaotic nature, most of them are friendly and good-natured.

When Judge Doom’s identity as the killer of Eddie Valiant’s brother is revealed, it shows that not only is he an exception to the rule, but he took pleasure in dropping a piano on an innocent man. Judge Doom doesn’t have a drop of remorse, and even taunts Eddie about it.

7 Gaston Used Underhanded Methods To Get Belle To Marry Him

Initially, Beauty and the Beast‘s Gaston displays qualities typical for a hero. He is confident, a great hunter, and nearly everyone in town likes him. While he may be arrogant, Gaston didn’t come across as an overtly evil person until Maurice asked him for help.

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Gaston not only threw Maurice out, but he decided to bribe the owner of an asylum into throwing Maurice into a cell if Belle didn’t marry him. Gaston hated being told no, especially by Belle, and this plan of his was meant to prove that he was still in control. Gaston was more concerned about his ego than love.

6 Ursula Turns Her Victims Into Polyps

The Little Mermaid‘s Ursula makes bargains with any fish folk who are desperate or foolish enough to come to her. Although she pretends to care about others, Ursula takes advantage of people when they are at their weakest, and even has her pets lure people to her. Her contracts are usually unreasonable and rigged in her favor, but she pressures her victims into signing, assuring them that she is being fair. A great number of merpeople have fallen for this trick, as Ursula has amassed many transformed prisoners in her garden.

5 Principal Mazur Told Goofy That Max Would End Up In The Electric Chair

When, in A Goofy Movie, Max and his friends interrupted Principal Mazur’s speech to the student body, he was fuming. It was understandable, as not only did he fall through a trap door, but Max didn’t seem to feel bad about his actions at all. Principal Mazur called Goofy and yelled at him, going so far as to claim that if Max continued down the path that he was on, he would end up in the electric chair. Calling up a parent to scream that their child’s behavior is bad enough to get them executed is entirely inappropriate, especially for an educator.

4 Hans Was Willing To Let Anna Die

Hans had tricked many of Frozen‘s fans into thinking that he was a good man. He supported Anna in every way that he could and seemed to be as infatuated with her as she was with him. The reveal of his cruel nature elicited many gasps from the audience.

Hans not only refused to kiss Anna, but told her that there was no one who loved her, crushing her spirit. Hans put out the fire in the fireplace with a smile, taking delight in the fact that he would seize the throne if he killed Anna and Elsa.

3 Frollo Nearly Killed Quasimodo As A Baby

The Hunchback of Notre Dame‘s Frollo is one of Disney’s most vile villains. When pursuing a Romani woman, he assumed that she was carrying stolen goods. As he wrenched her baby from her arms, she fell to her death. Frollo paid her little mind afterward, as he was preoccupied with the child’s grotesque appearance.

Frollo planned to drown the baby in a well, and only the fear of divine retribution made him falter. Thanks to this, he raised the baby, but he never had a kind word for Quasimodo, treating the poor hunchback like a monster.

2 Shan Yu Returned A Doll To Its Owner

Mulan‘s villain, Shan Yu, is the leader of the Hun army, and he established himself to be a ruthless and power-hungry man. When his falcon brings him a doll from the village, Shan Yu and his men quickly notice the doll carried the scent of the horses and weapons of the Imperial Army.

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They claim to want to return the doll, which they did, as they obliterated both the army and any nearby villages. No one was safe from the Hun army, not even the children. Mulan ends up finding the doll and realizes the tragic fate of its owner.

1 Robert Callaghan Didn’t Care About Bystanders

Upon seeing Hiro’s invention in Big Hero 6, Callaghan immediately wanted to use the microbots in order to exact revenge on Krei Tech Industries. Callaghan blamed Alistair Krei for the loss of his daughter and set the school on fire during the science fair, ultimately resulting in the death of Tadashi.

Callaghan seemed to feel no remorse about his student’s death, which was jarring considering how much he had previously seemed to care about Tadashi. Despite being the one to encourage Hiro to make the most of his talent, Callaghan tried to kill Hiro and his friends.

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