10 Easy-to-Find Locations for Big Campers in California

In Southern California, there is an amusement park called Big Bear Lake. This small town is known for its stunning lake, Bear Mountain Ski Resort, terrain parks, boutiques, restaurants, and easy access to the rugged San Bernardino Mountain National Trails. Big Bear is the perfect place to pitch a tent, hook up an RV, or enjoy a country rental. However, if this is your first time planning a camping trip in Big Bear, finding suitable accommodation can be difficult. To help, here are ten easy-to-find camping spots in Big Bear, California.

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10 serrano camp

One of the nice things about Big Bear Lake is that there is no shortage of campsites or campgrounds. Take the popular Serrano campground, for example. Not only does this campground have 109 sites, but it’s also just steps away from the lake. So if you’re looking for a well-maintained camping site in Big Bear with a prime waterfront location for your RV or tent, Serrano Campground is for you.

costNightly rates start at $47, but total rates vary.

Contact: (909) 866-8550.

means of comfort: Electricity is available in select locations, fire loops, and more.

attractions: The Alpine Pedal Path runs directly through the campground, and bike rentals are also available. Furthermore, Serrano is close to the Big Bear Discovery Center, hiking trails, and other family fun activities.


9 Pinkknot Camp

Pineknot Campground is an excellent choice for those looking for woodland adventures. This campground has a total of 48 tents and RV campers and is located in a densely wooded area of ​​the San Bernardino Mountains at Big Bear Lake. Here, outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy a much-needed respite from the busy city life.

costNightly rates start at $31 and go up from there.

Contact: (909) 866-8550.

means of comfortThe camp has fire rings, picnic tables, and bear chests.

attractionsSummit Bike Park & ​​Adventure Academy is located close to these campsites.

8 Holcomb Valley Campground

A few miles from Polique Canyon, campers will find Holcomb Valley Campground. There are nearly 19 campgrounds here – all ideal for hikers, bikers, and rock climbers.

cost: Nightly rates for one location start at $24 (on vacation, rates are $26 per night).

Contact: (909) 382-2790.

means of comfort: Includes tent camping, fire rings, nearby picnic tables with bear crates, pit toilets (but no showers), and ample parking.

attractions: This campground provides visitors with easy access to trails and great areas for climbing.

7 Big Pine Flat Family Camp

Just 30 minutes north of Big Bear Lake, Big Pine Flat Family Campground is a great place for worry-free camping with a view. There are approximately 19 camping sites available on a first-come-first-served basis.

cost: Single site rates start at $24 (on vacation, rates are $26 per night).

Contact: (909) 382-2790.

means of comfort: Includes an on-site camping house, picnic tables, fire pit, drinking water and a shower nearby.

attractions: Located in the mountains at 6,820 feet, OHV and trail rides are available.

6 Doble Pacific Crest Trail Camp

Doble PCT Trail Camp is one of many campgrounds for hiking, welcoming explorers and horseback riders alike. So if you’ve always wanted a complete outdoor experience, try this location surrounded by the beautiful great outdoors.

costNightly rates vary but generally start somewhere around $20.

Contact: (909) 382-2682.

means of comfort: There is a single picnic table, fire pit with sheds, cellar toilet, non-portable seasonal water, and aquarium for equestrian use.

attractionsCampers can enjoy the many hiking trails, quiet surroundings, and more.

5 Hanna Flat Family Camp Ground

Another boreal forest gem near Big Bear Lake is the Hana Flat Campground. Here, visitors will find a great getaway with many camping amenities. This is an excellent camping site for new campers, hikers, and families.

costNightly rates for one site are around $30 and $32 on holidays.

Contact: (909) 382-2790.

means of comfort: Each camp site contains one fire ring and one picnic table with bear chest.

attractionsNearby hikers can enjoy the Flat Trail, Top of Gray’s Peak, and PCT near Holcomb Creek Crossing. There are also three recreational target launch areas and Big Pine Flat OHV launch areas for green sticky vehicles and dirt bikes.

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4 Deer Springs Pacific Crest Trail Camp

Surrounded by lush green woodland, Deer Springs PCT Trail Camp is another hiking-only camping site that provides campers with most essentials (no restrooms). This location is perfect for those looking to get off the grid and reconnect with nature at Big Bear Lake.

costNightly rates vary by season but start around $20.

Contact: (909) 382-2790.

means of comfort: Includes canyon, 2 picnic tables, fire pit, non-potable water and 1 aquarium for equestrian use.

attractions: This location is around the corner from the famous Pacific Crest Trail and near the summit of Onyx.

3 Big yellow mail sites bear

Big Bear Lake also has several yellow mail locations available on a first come, first serve basis. Here, the campers have 13 yellow-toned sites to choose from, each of which is an individual campground and has access to several hiking/biking trails.

costSites with limited facilities are often free, but call the number below to confirm.

Contact: (909) 382-2790.

means of comfort: Includes 1 picnic table and 1 fire ring per camp site. There are no restrooms or drinking water facilities available here, so be sure to bring your own.

attractionsBig Bear hiking trails include the Knot Trail, Castle Rock Trail, Cougar Crest Trail, and Bertha Peak Trail.

2 Big Pine Flat Equestrian Group Campground

Several campgrounds are available for equestrian groups, such as Big Pine Flat. Surrounded by a lush mountainous area with evergreen greens, campers can enjoy the wide open spaces and nearby lawns and camp with their horses.

cost: $115.00 per night.

Contact: (877) 444-6777.

means of comfort: Includes several picnic tables, two double pedestal grills, a large communal fire ring, basement toilets, potable water, and a total of four horse sheds.

attractions: This campground is near the Big Bear Discovery Center. Additionally, there are many outdoor activities, including hiking, fishing, nearby boating, and mountain biking.

1 Little Bear Springs Pacific Crest Trail Camp

Little Bear Springs is also the PCT Trail Campground which offers visitors a chance to enjoy the stunning outdoor scenery. Here, campers have access to all the essentials. So give it a try and make it an unforgettable camping trip with outdoor activities and attractions nearby.

costNightly rates vary by season but start around $20.

Contact: (909) 382-2790.

means of comfort: Includes picnic tables, fire ring and restroom. There is also non-potable water and an aquarium as well as pipe horse pens for equestrian use.

attractionsCampers have easy access to the Pacific Crest Trail. Plus, this campground isn’t too far from family-friendly activities like the Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain and Gold Rush Mining Adventures.

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