10 Most Relaxing Video Games

At a time when players can hack, slash and maim monsters in titles like elden ring Or blast enemies to pieces in games like Call of duty Sometimes it is good to relax, play something good and useful after a day of adventure. For every enemy shooter destroyed, set on fire, and decapitated zombies, there is a nice and fun edge-off game.

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It doesn’t have to be complicated, action-packed, or even long to be fun. Sometimes all a game needs is a beautiful story, lovable characters, and fun gameplay to keep the player coming back for more. If lost time is enjoyed, it will not be wasted at all.

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Maine Craft

Bees hovering over a field in Minecraft

Although the game is equipped with a survival mode, the true fans of Maine Craft You know that sometimes it’s good to wander about other worlds and see what other players have built. From a tropical island getaway to a complete replica of Hogwarts Castle, the creative possibilities are endless in this virtual builder.

Sometimes a session Maine Craft It can be spent defending against reptiles, zombies, and other boisterous threats, but sometimes it can be like walking into an art museum to see what others have created. Either way, it’s as complicated and challenging as the player does.

short walk

Flying Claire searches a deserted yard in the Nintendo Switch game A Short Hike.

short walk Which is exactly what the title suggests, it’s a short, relaxed and fun adventure through a wonderful mountain town with cute animal characters. Right outside the gate, comparisons will be made for both animal crossing And the legend of zeldaThis is not an unfair proposition. It’s a top-down adventure game with a cast of quirky characters that introduce quests and items along the way.

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Players will want to explore, interact and simply enjoy themselves in order to progress. The objective of the game is simple, to reach the top of the mountain, but that doesn’t mean it has to be an uphill journey. On the contrary, it is one of the most loved indie games available on the Nintendo Switch.

golf story

Screenshot of Golf Story

It’s not exactly Mario GolfBut golf story It is a very interesting project. It could be considered as a decent golf game that somehow turned into a story-based RPG or a story-based RPG that has added golf as a bonus. Either way, the blending of themes and elements come together nicely to create a one-of-a-kind experience.

Whether the player enjoys golf or not is irrelevant, because the story is really the reason for choosing this game. Although the quest is to become the greatest golfer in the country club, the game is all about finding something fun in an unlikely setting. Much like the idea of ​​the game itself.

Yoshi’s world of crafts

How to play in Yoshis Crafted World

It looks like a file Yoshi Island The games are Nintendo consoles geared towards younger gamers, but that doesn’t mean that adults can’t enjoy them either. Yoshi’s world of crafts It is the epitome of a cute and lovable textbook. Simply, it’s a file Yoshi Island The sequel to an artistic style inspired by macrame.

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Everything is either knitted, glued, or cut out of cardboard, construction paper, and crayons. For the Nintendo game, there are heavy items from little big planet thrown into it as well. It’s a simple distraction from the hustle and bustle of everyday life that any Nintendo fan will enjoy.

Kirby’s epic yarn

Kirby's epic spinning car transformation

Yoshi wasn’t the only Nintendo character to have gone through the arts and crafts phase, as evidenced by this Kirby’s epic yarn. For some reason, Kirby feels like the character best suited to receive this treatment, as this adventure sees him transform into a cute ball of yarn that can transform into various objects to reveal obstacles in front of him.

It’s as smooth and hot as Kirby himself, but there’s still plenty to enjoy with this neat title. What it lacks in difficulty or complexity more than it makes up for in the sheer awesome and powerful gameplay.

night in the woods

May stands in a cemetery and looks at a radio tower in Switch A Night in the Woods.

“Life is hard sometimes, but that’s okay. Things change often.” This statement is basically a message night in the woods Players take on the role of Mae as she explores the secrets and dark places of Possum Springs. The game is an interesting narrative-driven adventure, to say the least, but it’s so much more than a regular side-scroller.

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It is a game that is mainly supported by its characters and the environment they call home. Mai, and by extension the player, are the audience for the following strange and compelling events. Playing this game is like being immersed in a mystery novel on a rainy night, and it definitely has a fan base.

Stardu Valley

Image from Stardew Valley showing the player character standing inside their farmland

Sometimes, all the player really wants is to stop and smell the 16-bit roses. Stardu Valley The poster child for video games can be so relaxing and relaxing, and there are more than a few reasons for that. Besides raising a virtual farm, players can enjoy a variety of different activities to make their home in this wonderful world of orcs.

Players can grow vegetables, go fishing, walk in nature, hang out with a magician, raise farm animals, build things, the list goes on. It’s a game that encourages a very zen-like frame of mind, and sometimes it’s okay to just be there.

Dragon Quest series

Dragon Quest 8

The Dragon Adventure The series may be a classic JRPG, but there is something so lovable and warm about it that many players find it relaxing. While it is true that there are plenty of monsters, traps, and dangers throughout the series, all the enemies and creatures have been designed with an exterior that is very fun and cuddly. Even skeletons and zombies look like they should be in a Saturday morning cartoon.

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a Dragon Adventure The game is like a warm hug wrapped in a charming robe and holding a Mithril sword. It’s the perfect series for gamers who enjoy warm fantasies like the hobbit or The Chronicles of Narnia in the end of the day. Sometimes a little imagination can be super healthy.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Link transforms sword

Jumping away from the previous statement, a little adventure can prove very useful for gamers looking to get away from the day. Although no premium in Zelda chain will suffice, Breath of the wild It is by far the most poisonous and the most detailed.

Players can take up their swords and set off on a fascinating quest through an enchanted fantasy world, leaving their problems behind. Of course, hacking monsters and fading out bosses is only part of the equation. Exploration is the name of the game in the long run, and at times it can be fun to play with the physics and tools provided by Link on his journey. Ganon doesn’t have to be defeated instantly, after all.

Animal Crossing Series

A blooming garden at Animal Crossing New Horizons

Despite jokes about entering into a religion for the Tanuki family, animal crossing The series is packed with cute and relaxing elements that have kept players living amidst a team of animal villagers for years.

From collecting coins and furniture to building houses and making friends with the locals to going fishing and collecting insects for the Blathers Museum, there is a lot to do to make the player’s time more enjoyable. With the introduction of carrots and other bells and whistles in recent games, the series just got better with age.

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