10 Strange and Unusual Baits Operating in the Evansville Area

You might have some luck catching some “big baits” this year by trying some of these funky/exotic baits while fishing in the Evansville area.

One of my favorite things to do during the summer is to go to the lake and go fishing. It is an activity that you can do with your friends and family or just on your own. Something about getting out of the lake is a great way to de-stress, enjoy life, and have some excitement whenever you get a bite.

We all know that sometimes the downside to hunting is not catching anything. You can try all kinds of live baits and baits from your local bait shop. However, sometimes all you need is a little luck and some bait you never expected to try.

Growing up, I would go fishing with some Amish related relatives. I learned some tricks on how to catch fish with some very uncommon baits. For example, did you know that you can chop up a bar of soap and put it on your hook to catch a mess of catfish? It really works! This led to me asking about some of the best funky/exotic baits to use when going fishing in the Evansville area. The answers I got were surprising, and I will definitely give them a try this year when I go fishing.

10 Strange and Unusual Lures to Use While Fishing in the Evansville Region


Pieces of hot dogs – Betsy S.

Whole kettle corn

Corn Kernels (cooked, of course) – David F.

Cheese It

Cheese. It works every time. – Michelle S.

juicy fruit gum

Canva / Walmart

Canva / Walmart

Juicy fruit gum! It sticks well to the hook to reduce minimal re-baiting and tends to be very effective for gills. – Tara M.

Gummy worms / bears

Gummy Bears – Kelly C.Gummy Worms – Joshua W.

bread fingers

Papa John’s Bread Fingers. I worked in the river and one night I wanted to fish and that’s all I had… Believe me, I was butchering fish all night long! – Bobby S.


Cheetos – Michael M.


Use bacon and bottom fish! It works every time. (When bacon was cheaper!) – Tracy J.

Slim Games

Canva / Walmart

Canva / Walmart

Slim C – Samantha B.


Little Smokey’s Sausage – Sarah D.

black licorice

Black licorice. – Keshia B.


cheese – adena b.

There are quite a few exotic and unique baits that you can use while fishing as well. See what people said below:

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