10 The Rising Of A Shield Hero Characters Who Would Make Great Pokémon Masters

Pokémon is a pop-culture juggernaut, depicting a fantasy world where trainers can capture wild Pokemon and train them for formal battles against other trainers’ Pokémon. But it takes more than a collection of Pokeballs and a “Gotta catch ’em all!” attitude to actually be a successful Pokémon trainer.

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A proper Pokémon trainer has leadership skills and can coach any Pokémon to practice hard and realize its true potential. These trainers are also kind and caring toward their Pokémon, and they should have a solid grasp of Pokémon battle tactics and strategies in battles. With all that in mind, there are plenty of characters from other anime, such as The Rising of the Shield Herowho could train a Pokémon team.

10 Naofumi Iwatani Trained Raphtalia & Filo

The isekai protagonist himself, Naofumi Iwatani, has spent all of Shield Hero as a pragmatic and thoughtful hero who takes nothing for granted. Naofumi was banished early on, so he got resourceful and assembled his own isekai adventure team, training Raphtalia and Filo for combat in the Waves.

Naofumi could definitely train a team of six diverse Pokémon if he ended up in Kanto, Sinnoh or one of the other regions in another isekai adventure. And as expected, he would favor defensive tactics and wait for the right moment to strike back at the opposing Pokémon and take them by surprise. No need to rush and get sloppy.

9 Raphtalia Would Make A Fine Coach

Naofumi’s tanuki girl ally, Raphtalia, has been by his side practically from the very start. She was uplifted from imprisonment and slavery to become a proper swordswoman and brave warrior, and Naofumi is quite proud of her. Now she’s ready to pass on these hard-won lessons to other parties.

Raphtalia would have all kinds of fun in the Pokémon world, capturing and befriending a dazzling variety of Pokémon of all shapes and sizes. She might favor Fighting-type Pokémon and a few Steel-types, such as Zacian, to match her own fighting style and teach them everything she knows.

8 Princess Melty Wants A Team Of Water Pokémon

The petite tsundere, princess Melty, isn’t as delicate as she looks. Melty may lack Naofumi’s shields and Raphtalia’s sword, but she can defend herself with some truly impressive water-based magic, which acts as a counterpart to her scheming big sister’s fire and wind magic.

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Melty adores filolials, which are almost like the Melromarc kingdom’s own version of Pokémon. It’s easy to imagine Melty building a whole team of both Flying-type Pokémon and several Water-type Pokémon while seeing them all as both fighters and friends.

7 Queen Mirellia Melromarc Could Command Any Pokémon In Battle

The true ruler of the Melromarc kingdom is actually queen Mirellia Melromarc, and unlike her scheming husband and elder daughter, Mirellia uses her formidable intelligence for the betterment of all. She is a fair and just ruler who knows how to use every last asset at her command, including a network of female spies and messengers.

Mirellia knows how to lead others both on the throne and on the battlefield, as the Wave event off the Cal Mira archipelago showed. She could capture a variety of Pokémon and find clever uses for all of their techniques, all while inspiring utter loyalty from them all.

6 Elrasla Grilaroc Needs Fighting Pokemon

No one is too old to switch careers, or switch entire worlds, and start training Pokémon. The martial artist Elrasla Grilaroc is getting tired of fighting so many Wave monsters, so now she can reboot her lifestyle in the Kanto region and train some wonderful Pokemon.

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Elrasla would primarily capture Fighting-type Pokemon, such as Hitmonchan and Lucario, and teach them all how to perform incredible feats in battle, just like she does. Elrasla would also dote on all her wonderful Pokémon like beloved grandchildren.

5 Eclair Seaetto Knows How To Fight

Eclair Seaetto is a new addition to the story of Shield Heroa brave, noble female knight who might remind fans of characters like Fairy Tail‘s Erza Scarlet or Reincarnated as a Slime‘s Shizue Izawa. Eclair is loyal to Naofumi’s village and queen Mirellia, but she could use a break from all this to train some Pokémon.

In the Pokémon setting, Eclair would focus mainly on Steel and Fighting-type Pokémon such as Zacian, a warrior canine that can form unblockable swords to fight. Eclair would love to have her own pet Zacian and teach it the ways of the knight.

4 Kizuna Kazayama Is A Skilled Hunter

The hero named Kizuna is oddly similar to Gon Freecss, given how she fights with a fishing rod and has the title of Hunter Hero. She is one of the Cardinal Heroes from another world and an ally of Naofumi’s, a cheerful girl who can get along with practically anyone.

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Kizuna’s heroic status and her friendly, can-do attitude would make her an ideal Pokémon trainer. Not all trainers grind levels to earn gym badges — others save the experience of exploring the wilds, capturing Pokémon, and training them. Kizuna could easily spend the rest of her life doing this, probably favoring Bug-type Pokémon in particular.

3 L’Arc Berg Could Train Powerful Pokémon Warriors

The scythe-wielding her L’Arc Berg began the story as Naofumi’s rival, but he just might become Naofumi’s true ally against villas such as Kyo Ethnina. In the meantime, L’Arc is a powerful Vassal Weapon Hero, and like Eclair, he is a powerful warrior with his blade.

Like Eclair, a Pokémon trainer version of L’Arc could specialize in Fighting and Steel-type Pokémon, starting with the sword-slinging Zacian. L’Arc could also capture the fossil Pokémon Kabutops and put its scythe-like appendages to good use in gym battles. Scythes are the best.

2 Van Reichnott Could Train Gentle Pokémon To Fight

The easygoing nobleman Van Reichnott was one of Naofumi’s few true allies in Shield Hero‘s first season, and he was also friendly to demi-humans, which was a lucky break for Raphtalia. Van Reichnott is used to administrative work and giving orders, and that experience could be transferred to the Pokémon world.

As a trainer, Van Reichnott would be a gentle and smart trainer who would favor kind-hearted Pokémon with unusual techniques. He could likely have a Chansey on his team, for example, along with a friendly Lapras to cruise the waves.

1 Glass Could Train Several Elemental Pokemon For Battle

The kimono-wearing Vassal Weapon Hero known as glass fights loyally by L’Arc’s and Therese’s side, though she can get a lot of work done all on her own. Glass fought Naofumi’s party ferociously in Melromarc, though in recent episodes, she has been an informal ally of Naofumi’s.

In battle, Glass is all about magic and her fans; she can conjure blades, winds, and radiant light to demolish her foes. The smart, practical Glass would do well if she trained a team of Flying-type Pokémon and one or two Steel-types to take on her foes in gyms all over Kanto.

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