12-year-old fishes 10-foot sturgeon in Idaho that ties state record

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  • A 12-year-old fisherman in Idaho just landed a 9’11” sturgeon and was just an inch away from breaking the state record
  • Most sturgeon fishermen associate the Fraser River in British Columbia with the largest fish, but this is proof that Idaho has some beasts.
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It is bittersweet to see a young fisherman catch such a huge sturgeon. I say this because there is a strong possibility that 12-year-old Tyler Grimshaw has peaked after tying the Idaho hunting record for catch and release. And like many hunters, he now encounters a life of hunt that thrills in hunting log books.

Tyler has been fishing in the Snake River in southern Idaho, one of the hottest sturgeon fishing spots in North America. The Fraser River in British Columbia is the number 1 fishing spot in the world for this dinosaur-like species. And the Fraser River tends to obscure the fact that Idaho’s Snake River in Hills Canyon offers some of the best sturgeon fishing imaginable.

It took 12-year-old Tyler Grimshaw 50 minutes to land his 10-foot sturgeon in Idaho. A fight immediately spread after photos and videos of his hunting were shared with local news and on the fishing captain’s Facebook page.

12-year-old fishes 10-foot sturgeon in Idaho that ties state record

The vast majority of people who have ever lived on planet Earth have never caught a fish of this size. He’s already in shaken company by catching a fish about 10 feet long.

Idaho’s fishing record for catching and releasing white sturgeon is 119.5 inches. This fish was caught on 07/09/2019 by seven different fishermen who take turns catching the fish that set the record. This 12-year-old fisherman tied his own record. In fact, his fish was a short half an inch but I gave him the tie because he did it alone and half an inch on a fish can be attributed to not scaling in the wild.

How good is Hells Canyon fishing in Idaho?

Researchers in Idaho have kept records of white sturgeon fishing in Hells Canyon for the past 30 years and what they found fascinating. They have the trunks of more than 4,000 of these fish caught and among those caught are just under 10 fish that are 10 feet long. So there are some huge characters in Hells Canyon in Idaho that play really hard to catch.

A fish like Tyler’s is so rare that researchers didn’t record a fish with a circumference of 10 feet in more than five years until last December. The state posted a lengthy blog about how rich these fisheries are with big fish back in December. It’s a great read if you want to learn more about sturgeon fishing in Idaho.

Catching sturgeon larger than 10 feet

For anyone wanting to hunt white sturgeon over 10 feet long, my best advice is to book a fishing charter on the Fraser River. British Columbia is where it is. This 10.5-foot fish was recently caught and spread on Tik Tok and Instagram:

Keep in mind that this is a protected species everywhere in North America. You can take photographs and measurements for a very realistic replica if you want to mount one on the wall but all the sturgeon you catch will be returned to the wild to keep the fisheries healthy.

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