18 gifts that will make your mom (and Mother Nature) smile

Sure, flowers and chocolate are nice. But for a Mother’s Day gift that will last longer than a few days, consider a gift that delivers lasting benefits without too much of an impact on Mother Earth. Whether the characters of the rock star mom in your life are craving challenging countryside adventures, exciting reads, or just some much-needed downtime, we’ve just got the gift to help her indulge in a little self-care this Mother’s Day and beyond. Here are some ideas to inspire you.

Got Mindfulness Mama? Help her tap into nature’s restorative powers with this Nature Meditation Deck for Chronicle Books gift ($19). Each of these 60 cards features a bite-sized meditation or guided imagery practice, along with breathtaking illustrations, to help bring nature’s healing and calming powers—not to mention beauty—to everyday moments.

Open up Mom’s world with the gift of a gorgeous, waterproof binoculars in her favorite color ($95), and NOCS Personalized Care. With these cool fog-resistant optics, it won’t be possible to stop her (especially if she loves to catch a glimpse of the wildlife, check ski or snowshoe lines, or take share-ready photos through binoculars with her smartphone!).

Help make mom bolder than she already is with the help of a gift from Cressida, a new three-section hiking pole ($140) from Leki’s trekking stores. Made specifically for women, the grip is perfectly designed to fit smaller hands. It’s also 25 inches in size, easily adjustable and trustworthy (thanks to a handy external locking system), and it weighs just 8.3 ounces. promenade!

You’ll need a trusty shoe (not to mention fetch) to go with those new poles. The grippy Kaha 2 GTX ($220) from Hoka One One provides the perfect balance of cushioning and lightweight technology to power Mom through any conditions, no matter how wet, dry, or technical things get. Any HUKA fan would enjoy that ultimate feeling of hopping on a trampoline – and your mom will do so love This lightweight model is made from recycled textiles.

Fact: An adventurous mama could always use more layers of merino wool. The Minus 33 Wolverino line offers great value (pieces start at $25 and go up to $110 for a sundress), sizes up to 6XL, and a weight of 145 perfect for off-the-shoulder and travel seasons. These pieces are comfortable and well cut, and unlike synthetic fabrics, they’ll never go unconventional.

The backpack-loving mom understands that weight matters, so you’ll love the sleek and lightweight products at MiiR’s New Climate + Collection, which feature vacuum insulated double-wall thermal drinking bowls ($25 to $40) made of stainless steel that’s 25 percent less compared to With previous models, and no new plastic. You’ll also love that Miir claims to offset 110 percent of this range’s carbon footprint.

If any mom in your life loves climbing, Yosemite, or both, they’ll eat the Mountaineer’s new book selections, Valley of the Giants: Stories from Women in the Heart of Yosemite ($22) by editor and climber Lauren Delaunay Miller. Featuring magazine excerpts, original articles, interviews, archival materials, and unforgettable records over the past century of climbing the storied canyon, this book is filled with bold characters that offer an often groundbreaking, sometimes heartbreaking, and always new perspective.

Maybe your outdoorsy loving mom loves reading true crime? PERFECT TIMING – Workman Publishing has released the latest edition of acclaimed overseas writer Catherine Miles. Redneck: One Woman’s Quest to Solve the Shenandoah Murders ($28) is a poignant literary account of a series of unsolved murders, a serial killer on the loose, and a decades-long investigation. It is also an urgent call to make the wilderness a safer space for women. Trust us, mom won’t be able to let it go.

For the mom who has everything, can we suggest a 100 percent beeswax candle with warm words? This Mother’s Day candle ($30) from BeAmbiance (a women-owned company) gives the gift of over 65 hours of natural light in the scent of honey, without paraffin or plastic.

Wool was comfortable, affordable, lightweight, and also gave the environment a chill, due to its tendency to shed microplastics in the washing machine—which eventually became ocean pollution. Which is why Houdini Sports Wear created the warm, light, and multifunctional Houdini Power Houdi ($200) from recycled, Bluesign-certified fabrics that encase insulation fibers in small pockets. Mom won’t be offended by this outer garment, which sheds up to 80 percent less microfiber than a regular fleece jacket and comes in a range of colors—perfect for the mom who always attends kids’ sporting events.

The gowns date back centuries in the Andes and Patagonia regions of South America, and gowns are still one of the most practical, practical, and fun garments you can wear. Made of micro-alpaca wool (which has natural insulation and temperature regulating properties), this one-size-fits-all packable number with no synthetics ($136) from Appalachian Gear is perfect for camping and concerts—a loving mama.

Camper moms will also love the delicious-smelling soap, shampoo, and conditioning bars from Tangie Waste Free Products, a line of plastic-free body care products that will only pay you about $5 to $12 per bar. These pots require no water and are made with zero synthetic ingredients.

There’s a new green sign in town—renewable organic certification refers to food, textiles, and personal care ingredients that come from farms that meet the highest standards for soil health (that is, dirt that promotes carbon sequestration and biodiversity), animal welfare, and farmworker fairness. Patagonia has embraced the label, releasing its first-ever range of RO-certified cotton apparel. You’ll find tees, sweats, denim, baby and toddler style, and even failed technical climbers. For Mother’s Day gifts, we’re partial to the lightweight and effortlessly chic Kamala Jumpsuit ($89).

The gift of a warm weather bag is almost always bound to please moms. Women-founded operation Dagne Dover creates a range of eye-catching and durable handbags, handbags and backpacks from recycled polyester and other sustainable materials. Check out the brand’s Almost Vintage collection, which you can buy and sell used bags, from $30 to about $225. Your mother will love Get a new accessory that is as stylish as it is circular.

Calling all offspring of ladies who love jigsaw game! The Gift of 1,000 Detailed Around the World in 50 Tree Puzzle ($20) from Laurence King Publishing is the gift of an indirect journey from Britain’s indigenous trees to India’s sacred banyan, and from the gorgeous redwood forests of California to New Zealand’s majestic choir.

Among outdoor enthusiasts, anglers are one of the fastest growing demographics. If this number includes any mama in your field, know that the Maine Fly Company makes mini fly bars from locally sourced ingredients in Yarmouth, Maine. The Little River Medium Action Rod ($289) comes in multiple sizes and is ideal for navigating tight spaces and strategically slippery trout.

Fly fishing mama will need some trusty waders to go along with this rod. The Compass 360 Women’s Breathable Fishing Box Wader ($175) is specially equipped for women, with snug-fitting socks, a single crotch designed to eliminate chafing, and a large handy pocket. Awesome capture!

Don’t forget the mother(s) of the dogs in your life who work hard to provide a better life for their canines, and/or who work tirelessly to help save the dogs. Limited Edition Mother’s Day Bundle ($48) from Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co. – Operation whose sales support rescue initiatives and make second chances a reality for countless dogs – includes the perfect cup, delicious Foster Fuel coffee blend, and a sweet bouquet toy for her pups. Talk about fun!

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