28 of REI’s Best Anniversary Sale Deals (ending today): Helmets, Fitness Watches, Outerwear

Just like bears Coming out of hibernation and birds migrating in the spring, REI offers its big anniversary sale every year on Memorial Day. This year’s event ends on May 30th. Many items are up to 30 percent off, but REI Co-Op members save up to 20 percent off any item at full price of their choice and additional 20% off any REI Outlet item with code ANNIV22.

We’ve highlighted some of our favorite picks here. If you don’t see anything you need, be sure to check out our summer guide to the best action cameras, the best portable grills, and the best reusable water bottles.

WIRED Memorial Day Deals Coverage

Updated May 30, 2022: We removed expired deals and added new deals, including REI Stuff Sacks, Nutcase helmet, and sleeping bag.

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Fitness and apparel deals

Photo: Garmin

If you’re just starting to run seriously, you don’t need to spend more than $200 on an hour of running. Garmin’s Forerunner Series is equipped with GPS to more accurately track your speed and distance, and Garmin software offers features like the PacePro to help you fine-tune your training. Check out our guide to Garmin’s best watches for more recommendations.

All Brooks bras and shorts are on sale at 25 percent off, which is great because I wear my running clothes almost every season. I love the wide, airy, and loose-fitting waistband, which is a welcome change from the super skinny shorts that seem to be on sale elsewhere.

The brand name Camelbak is synonymous with ‘hydration pack’ and the ‘Q-Tip’ means ‘cotton swab’. Many cans of Camelbak are for sale, but this 2 liter can is enough for your biggest adventures.

If you ever spend time outdoors, Buffs are very useful (and not very awkward, but I digress). I use a headband to keep bangs out of my eyes and sweat from my forehead or neck, as a half mask to keep dust away while mountain biking, or as head warmers under my bike helmet when it’s raining or cold outside.

Zero Z-Trail Shoes
Photo: Zero

Writer Scott Gilbertson loves these barely-existing sandals so much that he wrote an entire article about them. Check out his guide to the best barefoot shoes for more.

Like tents, REI rain jackets provide incredible value for money. Rainier is a durable and affordable pick in our guide to the best rain jackets.

Kari Traa women’s sportswear can be a good choice if you don’t like the matching or omnipresent pastel purple that many other manufacturers of their women’s clothing use. I tested this jacket, and it is well covered under my outer shell. Check out our How to Layer guide for more.

Camping and Cooking Offers

Reversible nap bowler
Photography: Poller

I have nothing to say about this convertible sleeping bag/coat except that you need it. My kids and I have our kids, and we all roam the camp like dirty worms, much to the chagrin of my wife. It’s Slunkt Camp. You will wear it. everybody. The. time.

Even though the Solo Stove Pi (8/10, WIRED recommends) recently replaced the Ooni Karu in my feelings, that’s still a bit too much in one of our favorite pizza ovens. This is smaller than the one I tested and does not include the gas facility, but you can buy it separately with the money you save.

MSR offers some of the best backpacking gear; My backpacking stove is a much older MSR Whisperlite. This all-in-one system is conveniently assembled into itself, and the bowl is tightly fixed to the stove. It’s a great backpacking stove and an extra kettle set if your camp stove is busy with pancakes and eggs.

Kayaking is an easy entry into water sports, but city dwellers often don’t have a place to kayak in their apartments. Oru foldable kayaks are easy to store and transport, and they don’t sell very often. The least expensive Inlet model was sold, but the Sporty Coast was still on sale. It weighs 32 pounds and folds up in minutes. You will probably also need a personal flotation device and paddle.

Aeropress Joe
Photo: AeroPress

I purchased this on the recommendation of WIRED reviewer Scott Gilbertson. Not only do I pack it up for a Memorial Day camping trip, but I also use it a few times a day at home.

As we found in our test of the best tents, REI tents offer amazing value for money. I have used my REI tent for ten years. It’s really hard to find another backpacking tent of this spec at this hefty price, which includes rain fly, footprint, men’s stripes, And the stuff bag.

I just bought this air mattress because I was sick of making my kids and my dog ​​push me off the sleeping pad in their nightly attempts to snuggle up. But you need a bigger tent to accommodate it.

REI’s sleeping bags are similar to the company’s tents – and they’re great value for money. We tested this Magma 15 on a late fall trip to North Carolina’s Pisgah National Forest and it stayed cool and cozy warm in sub-freezing temperatures (bag rated at 16). The gooseneck is made from a lightweight 850-fill nylon bag that is light and compact, weighing only 1 pound 12 ounces.

Well, stuff bags aren’t that exciting, but it’s wardrobe and camping lockers; The more you have, the better organized you are. To some extent anyway. Whatever the case, don’t pay full price for nylon bags, get them when they are on sale. REI has also discounted its three-pack for $14 ($5 off).

16 ounce water cup
Photo: Hydro Flask

It seems I have to replace my insulated cups for both hot and cold camp drinks every year. How does this disappear? We usually love Hydro Flask bottles, and you can check out our guide to the Best Travel Mugs for more info. Our favorite reusable insulated water bottle, also from Hydro Flask, is also on sale for $26 (US$9).

Portable power stations aren’t just about making sure you can work “outside the office” at base camp. I have this in my emergency standby kit to charge my ebike batteries, phones, and laptops. For more (smaller) options, check out our guide to the best portable chargers.

If you live this summer, you can use your power plant to recharge your electric cooler so you don’t need to take up half of the cooler space with ice. Like the Goal Zero Yeti, it can be powered from an outlet or from a solar panel.

I have no excuse to recommend these chopsticks except that they are heavy and balanced to feel comfortable in your hand. You’ll use your reusable gear a lot if it’s beautiful and you enjoy carrying it around. Check out our guide to the best reusable products for more information.

Biking and climbing deals

Electra Town 7D Step-Through Cruiser
Photo: Electra

Given the ongoing supply chain issues, if you can find a bike in stock, go for it. Electra is owned by Trek Corporation. The low, flatfoot geometry means you can sit comfortably upright with both feet firmly on the ground when you stop – a boon for novice drivers. Unfortunately, the electric version is not for sale.

I swear this is the summer my kids will learn how to ride a bike. If you’re a member, you can also trade in your kids’ bike for a bigger bike.

If you’re still avoiding indoor gyms due to the ongoing pandemic, you can install a hanging board above one of your home’s entrances to do pull-ups and keep your finger strong. I own this simple and reliable.

Wahoo Fitness Kickr Bike Simulator
Photo: Wahoo Fitness

If you have quads that beat the world, a lot of money, and not a lot of space, then you desperately need this mini bike simulator that can replicate the exact feel of your bike, ride and adapters. It’s worth noting that you can also ride your actual bike on one of the Wahoo trainers.

Your helmet should have MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) technology, which allows it to rotate slightly around your head in the event of a collision and absorb more of the spinning force. As a bonus, the Nutcase helmets make you look more like a great skater than when you step into Le Tour de Dork.

Speaking of the fuzzy look, do padded gloves help reduce discomfort when cycling and spinning alike? Unfortunately, they do. REI is offering 25 percent off all Pearl Izumi gear throughout the sale.

Kryptonite New York Bike Chain Lock
Photo: Backcountry

Your bike lock can be as personal as your bike; I use this highly rated chain lock because I have a cargo bike and I don’t like to go around making a U-lock with both my bike and standard bike racks. Lots of Kryptonite Bike Locks On Sale; Check out our guide to the best bike locks for more information.

If I run or bike at night, I always throw this on my clothes. It is light and adjustable. I forgot I’m wearing it, but cars don’t.

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