4 Easy Ways to Increase Your Hookup Ratio

When you’re out on the water, you want to do all you can to convert as many bites into catches as possible. Practicing patience and letting a fish pull a topwater all the way under before setting the hook is critical. Counting to three on a lot of your bottom hopping baits helps, too. Also, bending the hooks up on some baits or even adding a trailer hook when applicable are also both great ways to increase your hookup ratio.

But remember to be careful and not overdo it. Sometimes, fish are super aggressive and will get a bait without a lot of help. For example, you might ask, “If counting to three works well with a worm, why not count to five, or even ten?”

Well, if you go that route the fish is much more likely to swallow the bait completely and suffer real damage.

Instead, a quick three count, check the fish to see if it has it and then stick it to ‘em. The rest of these tips pose little additional risk to the fish. So, try implementing them the next time you’re on the water and see if they help!

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