5 Beautiful Private Islands You Can Buy For $300,000 Or Less

Not all carrots come with a seven-digit price tag.

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You might think that private islands are only accessible to billionaires and movie stars. But you can buy some beautiful private islands for $300,000 or less. Sure, you might have to ship supplies like toilet paper, water, and bug spray at your own expense – and at a higher cost, build your own home, well and more. You also have to consider issues like infrastructure, nearest hospital, cell phone reception, floods, boat docks, and more. Whew! But for some people, there is no luxury like the luxury of a private island. Here are five special islands you can buy for $250,000 or less.

Kane Island in Ontario: 109,648 dollars

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Just over four hours north of Toronto, in the middle of sparsely populated Sudbury, Kane Island is a picturesque island in the middle of the Wannabete River. Not accessible by car, however the listing states that a zip line could easily be built from the main line to the island to allow quick access for visitors. The island is intended for residential living and looks like an ideal forest getaway. Although the island offers the possibility of true seclusion, it is also 35 minutes from Greater Sudbury, a city of 166,000 that was once a leader in nickel mining in the world. But if you buy the island, be prepared for a lot of snow in the winter.

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An island in Lake Chiriqui, Panama: $150,000

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If you never want to feel cold again, consider purchasing this 9.3-acre, $150,000 private island off the northeast coast of Isla Popa in Panama. The island is located in the Chiriqui Lagoon, which has an average water temperature of 83 degrees Fahrenheit, even in winter, and features a number of coral reefs, mangroves, and tropical forests. The island is currently untouched by humans and features a small beach where boats can anchor. If you buy the island, and decide to build on it, be prepared to spend some time getting supplies, either from Chiriqui Grande, a town a 30-minute boat ride away, or from Bocas where the airport is, which is 40 minutes away by boat.

Carolina Cases, in Outer Banks, North Carolina: Starting at $299,000

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The Carolina Cays, a group of 24 islands that stretch for three miles along North Carolina’s Outer Banks, have been privately owned since the 1970s. Now for sale individually, the islands, which average 10 acres in size and have elevations of up to 12 feet above sea level, range in price from $299,000 to $599,900. Although you will have to build your own home, each island is already equipped with fresh water wells, sewage systems and ponds. They’re minutes–by boat–from the boat launch on the Virginia Dare Memorial Bridge, which connects the North Carolina mainland to Interstate 12, a route that connects many peninsulas and islands in the North Outer Banks. Enjoy unlimited seafood from the waters in your own backyard as you watch hundreds of species of birds mate and migrate through the area.

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McClellans Island in Nova Scotia: $215,000

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Only a 20-minute drive from Halifax International Airport, MacLellas Island is made up of 15 acres of pristine land located at least 35 feet above sea level. The island, which can be seen from the shore, is located in the Chezzetcook Inlet, a shallow bay on the eastern shore of Nova Scotia. The $215,000 listing suggests building your dream home on the island facing a nearby baseball park so you can watch the games being played during the summer. If you prefer more privacy, there are plenty of buildable spots on the island that feature stunning views of the bay. Don’t worry about feeling lonely – the island also features a thriving deer population that swam across the bay and is now a permanent resident.

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1 Big Virgin Island in Ontario

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Formerly a fishing resort, this 10-acre $245,932 island boasts 3,300-foot waterfront access on Lake Nipigon, Ontario’s largest lake. The island, which is tooth-shaped with a speech bubble coming from the top, has countless hidden bays and thin stretches of land dividing different parts of the land, allowing for plenty of varied views. Located in a sparsely populated area, the closest town to the island is Birdmoor, a town of about 4,000 people that claims to be the snow capital of the world. If you have a snowmobile, that’s great. If you have a helicopter, it is even better, because otherwise, you will have to drive more than 13 hours to get to Toronto.

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