5 Best Affordable Hiking Daypacks

Outdoor gear is pricey, and it can be hard to find a solid hiking daypack that doesn’t drain your wallet. However, there is be The packages provided offer decent quality at reasonable prices – you just need to know where to look. When shopping for the best affordable hiking day packages, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, consider the size. How long will it take to hike and how many things do you want to bring? Most daypacks are between 20 and 40 liters. If you’re doing quick half-day trips, small day packages should suffice, while all-day trips usually require carrying capacity on the higher end of the scale.

Another factor to consider is weight. You don’t want your daypack to be too heavy or bulky. Some have features that allow you to compress them or even fit them in pockets and bags, so aim for something portable and easy to carry. Comfort is important, too – things like padding around the waist and shoulder straps will be appreciated when your second hour begins a steep climb.

A final consideration is moisture management. If you plan to take any outing in the rain or in humid climates, you will need something that can handle the elements. Plus, you’ll be sweating a lot, so breathable fabric will help you—especially in the straps. There is a wide range of water resistance ratings, from light water resistance to fully immersive, so consider your own needs before making a decision. Below, I’ve compiled a list of today’s best hiking packages to suit all kinds of outdoor enthusiasts on a budget.


Best overall breathable and compact daypack

Made of sturdy nylon, this hugely popular daypack has nearly 800 reviews on Amazon and boasts an impressive array of features. It is lightweight and breathable while still providing strong durability. With a spacious carrying capacity of 40 liters, it’s large enough to hold what you need, yet remains bulk-free at just under 13 ounces. In addition, it has a large number of pockets, including a large main compartment, two pockets on the top, a spandex pouch on the front, and two water bottle holders. Air laces provide ventilation so sweat does not drip from the armpits. Best of all: It folds into a self-contained bag for easy travel. The versatile daypack comes in multiple colors, including purple, grey, black, orange, silver, and several shades of blue. One reviewer wrote: “Very light and comfortable pack. The elastic band around the bottom of the upper accessory makes it easy to attach compactly.”


Budget Friendly Hiking Daypack

If the most important thing for you is a very affordable daypack and you are willing to sacrifice a bit of durability to get it, then this huge budget daypack is the answer. It holds 33 liters and costs less than $10. It’s also made of water-resistant nylon and a sturdy YKK 2-way metal zipper. Reinforcement rails add to the bag’s longevity, making it able to last for several years, according to manufacturers. While this isn’t remarkably long in terms of day hike packages, it’s a respectable life given the price. The package has plenty of compartments, along with small handy pockets on the straps to hold keys, lip sticks, and other small accessories. It comes in five colors and can be put into a convenient pocket for storage. One drawback is that it can’t handle prolonged exposure to rain — several reviewers complained that it soaks up easily. However, if you don’t usually hike in humid climates, this is a great budget option.


The most lightweight hiking day bag

While the previous selection is also fairly breezy (totaling under 13 ounces), this ultra-compact daypack blows it out of the water by weight, coming in at just 3.36 ounces. With its thin material, it is not quite as durable as others; However, it is a great option for hikers who want a small package that can be tucked away in a suitcase or bag. Although the fabric is thinner, it is still relatively durable, as it is made of durable, stain and water-resistant silky nylon. Featuring adjustable, non-slip straps, the main compartment can be packed into a small pouch with a drawstring closure. On top of being travel friendly, it’s a great choice if you hate that heavy feeling on your back when hiking.


Best fully submersible waterproof day pack

If you go around a lot in the rain or near water, this waterproof daypack is an excellent choice. It’s constructed with a durable marine-grade PVC tarpaulin that can be completely submerged under water while keeping cameras, electronics, and other valuables completely protected. The rolled-up dry-bag closure ensures the main compartment is 100 percent leak-proof, while the 5mm rigid exterior adds even more protection from the elements. Plus, it features high-frequency welded seams and durable buckles that provide additional insulation. The 30 liter pack carrying capacity offers a nice medium sized compartment with a convenient mesh grille on the outside to hold water bottles or other accessories. Weighing in at just under 2 pounds, it’s heavier than some of the other options yet still remarkably light for a fully waterproof package. “The straps on the backpack are convenient and it’s a big plus when you’re hiking somewhere!” One reviewer wrote.


Best mid-range daypack that fits what you need

For the avid hiker who spends a lot of time in the woods, this mid-range convertible daypack costs just a bit more than others, but offers a big bump in quality and durability. I’ve tried it myself and can personally attest that the heavy-duty 210-D nylon ripstop is well made and extremely durable for rugged adventures. The package displays a U-shaped zip top with a small hidden pocket on the flap. It has an expandable feature that allows you to enlarge it when you carry extra items or narrow it when you reduce its drag so it doesn’t flop. You can carry it between 18 and 23 liters of load volume, and the pack also features a removable waist belt and mesh side pockets.

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