7 functional camping lanterns to say goodbye to dark nights

Camping lanterns are a very valuable investment for anyone who loves to camp. They are a must-have item for those who love to spend time outdoors. Camping lanterns come in many different shapes, sizes, and styles. They can be purchased from any camping or outdoor store and they vary in price depending on their features and the amount of light that they produce.

Also, these lanterns have many uses outside of just lighting up the campsites at night – some people use them as reading lights while others use them as emergency lights during power outages at home. That being said, let’s take a look at some of the best camping lanterns to illuminate your nights while camping.

1. Lepro LED Camping Lantern

Source: Lepro/Amazon

If you’re looking for a pair of economical camping lanterns, the Lepro LED Camping lanterns have pretty much everything you need to satisfy all the basic lighting needs. It has a compact frame, which makes it a portable lamp you can easily carry around with you.

Furthermore, the Lepro camping lantern provides a brightness of 190 lanterns to illuminate the space around you. These lamps are powered by AA batteries. Also, they’re IPX4 water-resistant and have a discharging time of around 14 hours. The perfect outdoor lamps to have on your outdoors.

2. Etekcity Camping Lantern

7 functional camping lanterns to say goodbye to dark nights
Source: Etekcity/Amazon

When camping out in the harshest conditions, it’s essential to have a lantern that can withstand the toughest weather conditions. The Etekcity camping lantern easily fits the bill here, thanks to its military-grade ABS material construction. It provides 360-degree illumination with the built-in 30 LED bulbs – enough to lighten up an entire room.

The Etekcity lantern has an IP54 rating, providing water resistance in case you’re facing wet conditions. Hang it, hold it, or place it on the ground, it’s one of the easiest lamps to operate out there in the wild.

3. Eveready Camping Lantern

7 functional camping lanterns to say goodbye to dark nights
Source: Eveready/Amazon

Having started in the 1900s, Eveready is a well-known entity when it comes to buying a camping lantern. Coming in a pack of four lanterns, each of these lamps uses 3 AA batteries to illuminate the surroundings in 360 degrees. Apart from this, you can also use the lantern as a direct flashlight, night vision lamp, or an SOS emergency light in times of need.

In lantern mode, the Eveready camping lantern can deliver an impressive battery life of 16 hours; If you’re using it as a flashlight, you get a 9-hour runtime. In all, it’s a pretty reliable lantern that’ll take care of all your lighting needs on your outdoor escapades.

4. Vont LED Lantern

7 functional camping lanterns to say goodbye to dark nights
Source: Vont/Amazon

The Vont LED lantern is a pretty robust piece with a multi-functional design. You get different handles depending on how you want to use it – as a lamp or a flashlight. Furthermore, you can also adjust the lantern height to control the radius of brightness.

The military-grade construction of the Vont LED lantern ensures it can withstand the harshest conditions of mother nature. A 2-pack Vont lantern set provides a brightness of 140 lumens, requiring 3 AA batteries for power. It can provide light for up to 90 hours with these batteries.

5. Lighting EVER lantern

7 functional camping lanterns to say goodbye to dark nights
Source: Lighting Ever/Amazon

The LE lantern is a tad bit different in contrast to the other lanterns mentioned above. It uses 1.5VD batteries since it’s not compatible with rechargeable batteries. The lantern provides illumination in the form of Daylight White or Warm White, so the discharging time differs depending on the type of light you opt for.

If you’re using a combination of both lights, the discharging time is 12 hours. Furthermore, the LE lantern is IPX4 water-resistant and has a wide range of applications as it offers 4 different lighting modes. You can use it for repairing your car, reading, or even when there’s a power outage. All of this at the cost of a dime!

6. Energizer Folding Lantern

7 functional camping lanterns to say goodbye to dark nights
Source: Energizer/Amazon

If portability and ease of use are your top priority while making a buying decision, we recommend going for the Energizer folding lantern. To start with, as the name suggests, it’s foldable so it’ll take up little space in your baggage. It’s got a sturdy grip and a compact design that ensure portability.

You can also flip it up to enjoy 360-degree lighting. The Energizer lantern uses 4 D batteries that provide a brightness of 500 lumens and can run for a time of 15 hours. The IPX4 rating makes it water-resistant, and in turn, a dependent lantern to use.

7. YINUO LED Vintage Lantern

7 functional camping lanterns to say goodbye to dark nights
Source: YINUO/Amazon

Now, this is more of an all-purpose lantern, but you can easily use it for camping since it’s lightweight and portable. If you’re someone who loves design over everything else, the YINUO offers a beautiful, vintage look that can also serve to be a conversation starter.

The YINUO lantern can be used in the lamp mode or flame mode depending on the user’s mood. It’s IP65 waterproof and can also withstand gushing winds in cold weather. In all, if you’re looking to go retro with your camping gear, this lantern needs to be at the top of your list.

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