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A sky blue and yellow balcony, a carriage in the courtyard, a podium with a wooden floor and lanterns waiting to be illuminated. It’s not midday, at the Paradis Bellevue campground in Erquy, this Monday, July 18, 2022. It’s heatwave day, the stadiums are 160 full and the entertainment has already begun. To the tune of “Magic in the Air,” Aquagym starts off very high. Yvette, of Jugon-les-Lacs (22), watches, entertaining, choreography simulated by animator Dingoa Service (renamed Service) in front of the pond. The retiree arrived at a mobile home on Sunday with her sister and grandchildren. Smiling lightly, she is not particularly familiar with the famous TV series, the places of which are very clearly inspired by her premises. “We chose the proximity. But I think we did really well! »

We bought this small family camp in 2019 and saw the concept as an opportunity to enrich and highlight what we were doing

“holy atmosphere”

Leaning on the main bar, Francis, 65, says he discovered the address in April for a group of caravans. Rémois is making his second stay of the season at Erquy and will return next year. What did I seduce? “It’s a relaxed spirit, I don’t care heaven! On a ‘crew’ t-shirt printed on the back, manager Julien Cormier introduces the vacationer and teases him by his first name. They set a good hellish atmosphere in the bazaar!”

Between two receptions, three calls, and a few reservations for evenings of mussels and fries, the diverse couple, staying in the house opposite, explains why they chose to join the “Camping Paradis” franchise. “We purchased this small family camp site in 2019 and saw the concept as an opportunity to enrich and highlight what we were doing. We had the same values ​​and we improved them. A winning bet, the season sold out and promised to double the volume of sales compared to 2019,” he told managers.

All string tags are present

The clothes, the signs, and of course the famous music playing to the tune of “Fiesta Boom Boom”. In Erquy, as in the other seven “Paradise Camps” in Breton, all signs of the indestructible TF1 TV series are shown in large format.

“Julian, a lot like the actor Laurent Aurnac, the pseudonym Tom Delorme in the TV series. I find in him the same build, the same smile, the same way of approaching people,” insists this other vacationer. Roger, 77, knows what he’s talking about. He and his wife Marie France were early fans of Adventures in Heaven. On Monday afternoon, we found them elsewhere in front of today’s episode, in their portable home purchased fifteen years ago. The exact age of the series! “The characters are benevolent and sympathetic. The stories that are small, a little social, always end well. We love…” Cap, polo shirt, derivative products, Roger bought it all. The recent change to the camp site concept, “relaxing, as at home and on TV,” simply charmed him.

Duplicate not “sick”

Same satisfaction with the Pruvosts, a Norman family who set up a tent and caravan for the week. Laurent, Daisy, Colin, Ingrid and his girlfriend Camille never miss darts or canapes. Get to know their Belgian neighbors. “People are nice, we meet like in the movie!”, welcomed the father, who intends to master the famous choreography of “Fiesta Boom-Boom” by Friday. But Laurent gets a little confused with the feature film, much older than the series. “No, we’re not waiting for Patrick!” His daughters are disfigured.

Warning from the host service, who just passed a wagon. At the age of 21, the Southerner lives and works there until the end of September. He started with two weeks in Bayonne (Pyrenees Atlantic) and two more in Roscoff (29), in May. Everyone greets him and recognizes him.

“This is my second season at the network. I did a three-month internship. Bar, services, entertainment, you learn to be versatile!” Arriving on July 1 from Paris, 28-year-old Naidi Sirene took the cart. The young woman also praises the friendliness. “It’s home made in the spirit of TV.”

This Monday, a distinguished guest snuck among the vacationers. Singer Caroline Costa, a finalist on “The Voice” 2022, enjoyed the pool ahead of the special scheduled for this evening. “Paradise of the Stars” by Yvette, Laurent and all the children only. Smile at Roger: Isn’t life beautiful? »

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