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Thursday’s bad weather recap

We again saw numerous rounds of severe storms across the state Thursday through Thursday night, including morning locomotives in central Minnesota and the derecho—a long-lived line of storms with damaging winds—moving into the state from the southwest during the evening hours. You can click here to see this map for yourself and click on storm reports to see what has been reported in your area. The Minnesota DNR maintains an updated page with the latest NWS polls about the area and other event details – you can find that by clicking here. Wind gusts of 94 mph were reported in Madison and Ferndale, which DNR notes: “The gusts were the highest measured in Minnesota since July 6, 2014, when a sensor in Browns Valley recorded a 98 mph gust.


Record temperature and rain on Thursday

Not only did we see those multiple rounds of severe weather moving across the state on Thursday but we also saw records! The MSP set a record of 92 degrees Fahrenheit, surpassing the previous record of 90 degrees Fahrenheit in 1900 and 1961. Rochester also saw a record high of 94 degrees Fahrenheit, with several record highs going east to Wisconsin and southwest toward Huron and Sioux Falls. .

With the heavy rain, we also saw a record rainfall as St Cloud picked up more than 2 inches of rain, setting a new record for the day.


high rain

With several days of torrential rain and severe weather, we saw a lot of rain across the state. Since only Sunday, 5.60 inches of rain has fallen at St. Cloud Airport (located on the southeast side of the city).

These heavy rains, especially in the north, have led to many flood scenes. This image, from Bryan Hansel, shows water from the Cascade River at the top of Highway 61 Bridge.

Here’s a look at the rivers in flood via the USGS scales placed along them. Both the Sauk River and the Mississippi River in St. Cloud are expected to reach moderate flood stage this weekend.


Ice out or not for opener hunting?

Just in time for the fishing tournament, we’re seeing more reports of ice in northern Minnesota lakes. Ice was reported in both the upper and lower Red Lake as of Tuesday. Lake Vermilion reported ice on the lake on Wednesday.

WDIO in Duluth reported Thursday that several lakes along the Gunflint Trail still have ice:With the Minnesota Fishing Opener two days away, it’d be tough to boat the lakes over the Gunflint Trail. Much was still completely covered in ice as of Thursday afternoon. They’re making a lot of calls right now, said Ben Seton, director of Hungry Jack Outfitters and Cabins. “People are curious to know, is the boat trip in danger or not?” He said. While the north side has some open water, the southern part of Hungry Jack Lake is still frozen. “Contrary to popular belief that you can paddle around everything, there is really no way to go around any lake here,” Seaton said.

The Lake of the Forest fishing report, as of Tuesday, states:At the southern end… the ice is deteriorating and moving over a large body of water called Traverse Bay. Will it all be gone by Saturday, May 14th, Minnesota Fishing Opening? Time will tell, but there are actually plenty of prime open waters for fishing though.


Breeze with showers and storms north to opener Minnesota fishing on Saturday

Episode: Saturday 7 AM to 7 PM

As we head to the Minnesota Fishing Opener on Saturday, we’ll be watching for a chance of a few showers of rain across northern Minnesota during the day, with perhaps a rumble or two of thunder in the afternoon across eastern Minnesota (especially in Arrowhead and southeastern Minnesota).

As you head to the lake to get your eye, Saturday morning temperatures will be in the 40s and 50s across the state.

We’ll be watching for chances of rain and storms across northern Minnesota on Saturday, with sunny skies as you head south. The highlands will be in the far northwest of Minnesota and near Lake Forest in the 1950s, quickly climbing into the 1970s as you head south and east.

Elevations on Saturday across southern and eastern Minnesota will be several degrees higher than average, but will still be slightly lower as you head into the northwestern parts of the state.

We’ll also be watching for fresh weather conditions across the state on Saturday, from a sustained south-westerly direction of 5-15 mph but accelerating to 25 mph in southern Minnesota and 30-35 mph in the northern parts.

Looking at the Twin Cities we can see a few passing clouds at times otherwise it should be mostly sunny. Morning temperatures start in the 50s and reach the mid 70s.


More chances of scattered rain Sunday

Frequency: Sunday from 7 am to 7 pm

As we watch another front line move across the state on Sunday, some rain and thunderstorms will be possible at times statewide.

It’ll be another nice start in terms of temperature Sunday morning with temperatures near 40 F in far northern Minnesota and into the 50s across the southern parts.

So we’ll be watching for chances of rain and storms on Sunday with temperatures a few degrees cooler than Saturday to get out into the lake. The highlands will range from the 50s alongside Lake Forest to the low 70s across the lakes of southern Minnesota.

But again you’ll feel a little chilled by the harsh 5-15 mph western breeze with gusts up to the 20 mph range.


Chances of cooler weather constant around

So while the Twin Cities will stay in the 70s for their highs this weekend, we’ll see slightly cooler temperatures move in early next week with highs only in the 60s. Besides chances of scattered rain this weekend (especially on Sunday), we’ll be watching for a chance of a few thunderstorms from Tuesday night through Thursday (with the best chance on Thursday).

As we look at the extended forecast, there’s a chance we’ll hit the 80s late next week and early next weekend, or else most of the last two weeks of May peaks look like the 60s and 70s.


Cooler and quieter weather mode is back
By Paul Douglas

I am happiest when nature is not trying to kill me. Although the basement is an unabashed pro, I prefer to spend the springs above ground. No more running and screaming until further notice.

Thursday’s Dericho, a swarm of intense boomerang-shaped storms, was tracked from Nebraska to Minnesota, with at least 55 reports of 75 mph + winds. Straight-line wind damage can rival that of a hurricane, and the combination of large winds and hail creates a mass of ice; 1-2 punch. Many cities have picked up the equivalent of 2-3 weeks of rain this week. The drought is over!

Cool exhaust on the back side of the choppy front on Thursday drops humidity levels for the next few days. Expect sunshine most of the day with the 70s on the metro; Sixties in the North with a fleeting shower or two. Sunday will be a few degrees cooler; Worthy of your favorite lake jacket. But not too bad for the Minnesota Fishing Opener.

No big storms Absolutely nothing harsh as our pattern cools and dries. Good news for farmers hoping to venture out into wet fields.


Paul’s forecast for the Extended Twin Cities

Saturday: moderate sun. Wake up 58. High 73. Chance of rain 20%. Wind west 10-20 mph.

Sunday: Pull a few, cool breeze. Wake up 54. High 69. Chance of rain 10%. Wind west 10-20 mph.

Monday: Partly sunny and comfortably cool. Wake up 51. High 67. Chance of rain 0%. Wind northwest 10-20 mph.

Tuesday: Some sun, rain at night? Wake up 47. High 63. Chance of rain 30%. NE winds 5-10 mph.

Wednesday: Scattered clouds, calm. Wake up 50. High 68. Chance of rain 20%. SE winds 7-12 mph.

Thursday: Moderate with thunderstorms in the evening. Wake up 54. High 80. Chance of rain is 70%. S winds 15-25 mph.

Friday: Showers and thunderstorms. Wake up 57. High 73. Chance of rain 80%. NE winds 10-20 mph.


Minneapolis weather calendar and sun data
May 14

* Length of the day: 14 hours 49 minutes 12 seconds
* Gained daylight since yesterday: two minutes and 19 seconds

When do we see 15 hours of daylight?: May 19 (15 hours, 0 minutes, 10 seconds)
* When is sunrise at/before 5:30am?: May 30 (5:30 am)
* What time is sunset at / after 9 pm?: June 12 (9:00 pm)


This day in weather history
May 14

2013: Minneapolis sets a record high temperature of 98 degrees, breaking the previous record of 95 degrees in 1932.


National Weather Forecast

On Saturday, a system in the Pacific Northwest will bring a chance of some rain and high snow. The somewhat discontinued frontier from the Great Lakes through the Mississippi Valley will bring opportunities for showers and storms, some of which can be powerful. Chances of precipitation and storms will also occur over much of the eastern United States.

Heavy rain until Sunday evening appears to be falling in the Pacific Northwest where rainfall averages 3 inches. Some mountains in the northwest may also see some snow.


President Trump asked national security officials about armed and man-made tornadoes from China: Report

More people:Early in his presidency, Donald Trump reportedly asked national security officials several times about the presence of man-made armed cyclones from China. Two former senior administration officials and a third person briefed on the matter told Rolling Stone that Trump had put forward a supposed secret technology that would allow China to create major hurricanes under command and launch them into the United States. The former president repeatedly asked about it during his tenure. First year in the position, according to the report. The question came up sporadically until at least 2018, before Trump stopped asking what some had begun to call “hurricane guns” or just joke about it.

Air pollutants have decreased in Iowa in the past 20 years

More from Axios: “Levels of air pollutants in Iowa have fallen by more than 40% in the past two decades and overall air quality has improved, according to data from the state’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR). Emissions of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides – gases that can be toxic – have fallen by more than 70% since 2002.

‘Marie Barra Long Game’: Winning the EV Race

More from the New York Times: “General Motors had a big hit last year when it announced a bold plan to increase sales of electric cars and said it would stop making gasoline-powered cars by 2035. But more than a year later, some other automakers appear to be in a better position to lead the industry transition to EVs Tesla generated global sales of more than 310,000 electric vehicles in the first quarter of this year, while General Motors lags far behind unless it counts electric vehicles produced by its Chinese joint ventures. It sold fewer than 500 electric vehicles in the United States this quarter. Ford Motor Company has just started production of the F-150 electric pickup truck and has taken customer reservations for more than 200,000 of them.


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