A horse-free electric car could hit the streets of Charleston

Horse Rescue —Ride A horse carriage! in specialty neigh For horses, in the local Charleston, South Carolina, the employer has unveiled the first prototype of an all-electric horseless buggy, an excellent model for tourist spots everywhere.

As cities continue to ban rickety and archaic horse-drawn carriage rides, companies are creating new ways for tourists to experience cruise excursions. without Support animal abuse. Aesthetically designed like a horse drawn carriage (minus the horses), “electronic transport” is an eco-friendly evolution of the animal in a classic sightseeing tour through the city.

There is no excuse to take a horse-drawn carriage

Riding in horse-drawn carriages is miserable for horses, who are forced to pound the sidewalk for hours on end while transporting huge heavy loads of tourists. Drivers often stress horses and cause them to toil in harsh weather conditions. Horses also suffer from long-term illnesses, such as respiratory problems from inhaling exhaust fumes and debilitating leg problems from walking on hard surfaces.

In nearly every city where horse-drawn carriages are allowed, accidents have occurred—and Charleston is certainly no exception. In June 2021, a truck collided with a horse-drawn carriage with several passengers on board, causing a frightened horse to pull it off with a run. Two people were taken to hospital. In July 2020, a cart-drawn horse was seriously injured after it took off galloping, and was later killed. In 2019, two horses pulling a cart took off and damaged several cars. A passenger jumped out of the carriage. Obviously, an e-rickshaw in Charleston can’t come soon enough, and it’s time for other tour operators to do the same.

give a hand hoof For horses – Speak against horse-drawn carriages

There are plenty of ways to go sightseeing in the new city while being kind to other animals. Take a stroller ride, go for a bus ride, or rent an electric bike – as long as it doesn’t involve the exploitation of horses or other animals, go for it!

Several cities, including Chicago and Salt Lake City, banned the use of horse-drawn carriages. If you live in a city where horse-drawn carriages are still allowed, contact local officials to ask if they will sponsor the ban.

Click the button below to urge the mayor of Charleston to help ban horse-drawn carriages:

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