A look in the Registry reveals if your PC is compatible with Windows 11 version 22H2

If you don’t get it, then you use an alternative method for bypassing these dumb requirements.

Microsoft pretty much told most people “oh, you need either a TPM module you didn’t need or a whole new computer, you need to create all this e-waste in order to keep using our OS”
Then they will tell you how much they care about the environment for some dumb hoax like ‘carbon footprint’ dumb lie, and how they are heroes because they are the good guys. Yet, all these tech companies are the reason more and more energy consumption is going on, and energy doesn’t appear from unicorn farts, and the non-green renewable energies are being pushed, when it has been shown they are a worst than any other else, of course, people will say how much better they are while holding a phone, and upgrading their phone every year like if all the materials needed, especially for the batteries were just easy to get and easy to recycle, but people don’t drop their technology because companies like Microsoft are doing anything possible to grab you by the balls and make you get technology slave, soon, you will probably need a phone to even clean your butt, and they will be glad to offer you that because all they care about is the power that technology is giving to them, and people will be more and more dependent and slaves of the whole system.

So that’s pretty much what they are doing, they will not care to tell you “get a new technology” in order to upgrade.
And why do you want to upgrade anyway? well, that’s why you shouldn’t even worry and just use a 3rd party tool to upgrade if needed.
I upgraded 3 computers to win11, one completely clean installing with rufus, second one I used MediaCreationTool.bat and it worked perfectly, and the other let me force the upgrade becuase it was compatible but Lenovo didn’t have the drivers so they didn’t recommend it, maybe it was a mistake, or maybe I don’t care.

Sometimes I wish I could just switch to linux but it is more a hassle with all the software not available for Linux, especially when we talk about 2D stuff, Design, photography, etc etc, it is dominated by Windows and Mac, and some are Mac only and few ones are still Windows only, others have released the version for both recently like CorelDraw.
For 3D things are better but many software are still Windows and Mac only like Zbrush or Marmoset.
So the idea of using Linux seems fine until you just want to run your software without any problem, and that’s the only reason why Windows is still dominating the marketshare, but their whole ideas of windows 11 with dumb requirements is the first real reason I see to boycott Windows because it is stupid to have to use 3rd party tools for something windows 10 could run no problems, and we can’t just pretend win10 and 11 are not the same, they are, Win11 doesn’t have anything win10 doesn’t, Microsoft is the one causing that and pretending you should have TPM crap and a modern cpu or anything.

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