A predatory whale hits a fishing boat off the coast of Plymouth

PLYmouth – A whale collided with a fishing boat off the coast of Plymouth on Sunday in an area where whales have been seen several times in the past week.

A spectator took pictures of the whale swooping into several nearby fishing boats. The whale appears to hit one of the boats, causing the bow to submerge in the water.

Two people on the boat got ready as the boat leaned forward and backward.

The feeding and feeding of whales in the area has drawn residents and tourists to the area hoping to catch a glimpse of the marine fauna.

Most of the whales spotted were humpback whales, which can reach 55 feet in height and weigh 40 tons, according to the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Organization, a nonprofit group devoted to whale conservation.

The group said images from other scenes show whales “rush-feeding,” when whales feast on fish bait and rush through to swallow a morsel of fish and water.

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