A Princeton Tech headlight rests on a camp stove

The basics

The Princeton Tec Snap Solo is a smart twist on a classic retro headlight. It has a magnetic tip that slides out of the holster, so the light can attach to any metal surface, which is a great feature for camping in particular. It weighs 3.5 ounces / 99 grams. The cost is $34.99.


AFFORDABLE, INNOVATIVE AND VERSATILE: You can use it as a headlight and leave it at that. But there are many other ways and means, and that would be almost a shame. The light slides out of its tunnel easily, to be slapped on various surfaces, for multiple uses. // With 300 lumens, the headlight provides plenty of light.


It’s about a third (30-31 percent) heavier than light biolite (330 lumens) at 2.4 oz, 69 g. Not a big deal for some of us. // The Snap Solo is not USB rechargeable, so (as is common) always take some spare batteries (three triple A batteries) to the back country.

our thoughts

Princeton Tech is a strong company, producing lighting equipment since 1975, mountaineering and mountaineering from a diving background, and these guys deal with darkness that is worse and darker than we do. (did you see Rescue? Please.) The company gives a five-year warranty.

Three modes: high spot, low spot, and flash beam. High will run you for a solid 10 hours and an impressive low 155. Peers in the dark well.

Durable plastic holder and lens (I accidentally dropped the headlight in the parking lot, NP), and it’s fun how strong—confusing—the light returns to the holster.

Size has been revised

one size.


3.5 oz / 99 g


0 dollars


Princeton Tech

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you need-need toYour headlight. I passed a parking lot on my return from a cliff to our car, and wandered for an hour down the wrong road in complete darkness on a rocky ledge; He was caught behind a slow group on a four-tier road, and on the way down he got a tree branch in the eye (a corneal scrape); And I forgot a headlight when camping in Maple Canyon, my tent was just a few ways to get into the woods from the car. But it is enough to stumble.

Always bring your headlight and any headlight.

Having said that, I am personally amazed at any new idea for an old standard, and upon getting the Snap Solo I wandered into the kitchen picking up paper clips, forks, knives and scissors with their magnets. Then I took it outside, and lo and behold: You could put it on a Coleman two-burner stove on a picnic table or tailgate, on a deck grill, or on your wheel well to tackle the next punctured tire. The last time we got one was on a remote 4WD road at dusk.

Heaven knows that the back country and remote settings have a lot of potential for other uses. I’ve seen a friend (a doctor) sewn my husband’s thumb and fingernail and all, in a tent by lantern light, and another steady beam of light would be nothing but a good thing. (Though, may I add that it was a very nice field surgery,…between the blades and a cactus, and who knows what…happens.)

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