A safety tip for gobbler season

Gobbler season.

Just the tom and us at sunrise.

Starts May 1 in New York state, and runs through the month. (Though the two-day youth season ran two days first, April 23 and 24.)

But in reality, there is a very good chance that there is another turkey hunter in that same stretch of woods at first-light too.

When that old bird sounds off, more than one pair of ears is likely tuned to that awakening sound.

Chances are great that another camouflaged gobbler seeker is listening, maybe from the other side of the hill or woodlot, drawn by that tom’s raucous gobble.

Gobbles carry a long way in the early part of the season before leaf-out.

And they can call other hunters in from afar.

When one “gets going,” that is gobbling and gobbling, you can bet your facemask, another hunter is excited too.

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