“A Taste of Camp” fundraiser is scheduled at Roundup River Ranch Tuesday in Denver

Each summer, hundreds of seriously ill kids head to Roundup River Ranch in Gypsum for a classic campground experience.
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Roundup River Ranch, a Gypsum-based nonprofit that offers camp programs for critically ill children, is hosting one of its annual fundraising events, A Taste of Camp, Tuesday, May 17, at 5:30 p.m. at Mile High Station in Denver.

Each summer, hundreds of campers head to Roundup River Ranch in Gypsum to enjoy a wide range of classic campground activities. Activities are designed to support each child’s individual health needs while allowing them to immerse themselves in the freedom, adventure and fun that is a true summer camp experience.

“Roundup River Ranch has been critical in helping our family find joy and comfort during our difficult moments,” said Priscilla, a parent at Roundup River Ranch. “It truly is a magical feeling to be surrounded by others who are going through a similar life journey. From making friends to recovering through free camp programs, Roundup River Ranch fulfills the dreams of these incredibly special kids.”

The organization offers five on-site, week-long sessions for individual campers throughout the summer, with each session designed to support different classes of illness. There are also five Family Retreat sessions, as well as online sessions for those who don’t have access to the farm in person.

“With full medical, physical and emotional support from healthcare professionals, trained staff and dedicated volunteers, campers and their families have the peace of mind to simply live in the moment and enjoy,” the organization’s website states. “Our campers can take a real time off from being ‘patient’ and get back to the fun of being a kid.”

Activities at Roundup River Ranch are designed to support each child’s individual health needs while allowing them to immerse themselves in the freedom, adventure and fun that is a true summer camp experience.
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Roundup River Ranch offers these experiences free to all campers, and it relies on donor support to fund its operations. This week’s A Taste of Camp event will offer donors and supporters a glimpse into the camp experience, while sharing how their contributions have a direct impact on participating youth.

Ruth B. said: Johnson, President and CEO of Roundup River Ranch: “A Taste of Camp is instrumental in supporting our free, innovative campground programs and provides vital funds to welcome campers and their families back to the campsite this summer.” “Bringing our dear supporters into the world of Roundup River Ranch is an exciting opportunity for our team to share the healing power of camp.”

Johnson also noted that holding the event in Denver represents the demographics of the camp.

“The majority of our campground families who attend Roundup River Ranch reside in Denver and Front Range, which makes this event even more enriching,” Johnson said.

The fundraising event features DJ entertainment during cocktail hour, camp-inspired activities, evening programming, dinner, a live auction and paddle collection. In Colorado, guests are encouraged to dress casually. All proceeds from the event go toward creating free programs and serving hundreds of children suffering from cancer, blood disorders, organ transplants, and other serious conditions.

An on-site camp trial for seriously ill children is taking place at Roundup River Ranch, located in Gypsum.
Roundup River Ranch / Image Courtesy

Debbie Albert will be honored and awarded with the 2022 Superhero Award for her defense and support of the organization and camp members.

“I am so touched by the incredible outpouring of support, making it possible for these precious children to enjoy the wonderful experience of camping in the most magical place,” Albert said.

The party will also reflect the 2022 Roundup River Ranch camp theme, “Together Is Our Happy Place,” which celebrates bringing the community together to make a difference in the lives of children and families. To purchase tickets, or for more information about the A Taste of Camp event, visit RoundupRiverRanch.org.

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