Albemarle Corporation announces redemption of all outstanding 4.150% bonds due in 2024

Additional sampling of the DDH FL-20-11 (drilled in the first expedition) increased the width of the previously fired mineral period by 4 m, expanding the mineral area to 0.15% with more than 64.2 m Including 0.35% Cu above 15.6 M and 1.08% Cu and 1.63 g/ton Ag over 2.6 M.

The FL-20-11 drill hole is located approx 1800 m Northwest along the same structure as Lake Var discovery area Where surface sampling results in copper grades up to 22% More than 0.7 meters, and the results of drilling in the first stage resulted in objections 0.19% Cu and 0.34 g/ton Ag more than 33.6 M Including 1.11% Cu and 1.33 g/ton Ag more than 3.1 M (FL-20-03). The discovery area continues to be interrupted by mafic dams and the company continues to design dams to better understand the structure that controls mineralization and to avoid being hit in future drilling within mineralized areas.

drilling holes FL-21-13 & 14 It was drilled near hole FL-20-11 (0.15% with more than 64.2 m) and they succeeded in crossing granodiorite with the advanced Argyle modification that hosts up to 5% chalcopyrite locally. In addition, granodiorite includes a moderately phyllic (chl-ser), probiotic (qtz-epi-carb) and weakly potassium (kspar-alb-qtz) modification. The highlights of these holes include 0.25% with more than 3 m And 0.12% with more than 3 min holes 13 and 14, respectively.

FL-21-15 It was approximately 200 m of the eastern gradient of FL-20-11 and intersected again with the variable mineral chalcopyrite granodiorite containing up to 0.1% with more than 14 m.

FL-21-16 It was the deepest crater in the expedition and targeted a profound IP chargeability anomaly coinciding with the mineral surface samples. Anomalous copper mineralization was found throughout the crater, but more importantly an intersection with a major rock contact between granitic and metasedimental rocks at depth, which will be important when mapping units on the property.

FL-21-17 It was drilled 425 m below the central pond area and intersected mainly red granite with strong alteration of potassium and hematite with magnetite. Coarse red granite contains chalcopyrite and pyrite. Highlights include 0.16% with more than 6 m.

FL-21-18 Target airborne VLF anomalies along the strike in the detection area. Copper mineralization was minimal, but the hole intersected with a wet structure that could explain the anomaly.

FL-21-19 It was drilled below the discovery area at deeper depths than the first stage of drilling. Sulfide mineralization is seen primarily as diffuse blebian or pyrite in areas of strong deformation as well as chalcopyrite in areas of strong deformation, such as bubbles in silica-filled breccia or as threads in a quartz vein. Highlights include 0.13% with more than 23 m.

FL-21-20 It was a south step from hole 19 and designed to crisscross the high-grade copper in depth. Unfortunately, this hole encountered another wide gabbro at an unexpected depth and angle and the mineralized region was almost completely missing. Metal spacers include 0.12% copper over 1.4 m and 0.11% copper over 3 m.

In addition to copper mineralization, the expedition intersected with weakly anomalous uranium in FL-21-16 (21 ppm U over 10 m) and FL-21-19 (23.8 ppm U over 9 m).

Recent copper findings from Far Lake drilling are as follows:

Hole ID from to interval Copper (%)
* FL-20-01 46.2 48 1.8 0.23
* FL-20-02 35.6 36.4 0.8 0.44
* FL-20-03 26.2 59.8 33.6 0.19
including 29.2 32.3 3.1 1.11
* FL-20-04 45 72.3 27.3 0.11
48.3 54.3 6 0.21
* FL-20-05 55.9 64.9 9 0.11
And 74.9 79.9 5 0.15
* FL-20-06 The National Security Agency **
* FL-20-07 The National Security Agency **
* FL-20-08 33.3 34.9 1.6
* FL-20-09 93.7 134.5 40.8 0.051
* FL-20-10 138.3 152.3 14 0.023
FL-20-11 82.8 147 64.2 0.15
including 120.6 136.2 15.6 0.35
including 124.7 128.3 3.6 1.08
* FL-20-12 102.4 106.5 4.1 0.09
FL-20-13 218 221 3 0.25
And 249 253 4 0.11
FL-20-14 166 169 3 0.12
FL-20-15 115 129 14 0.1
FL-20-16 414.2 428 13.8 0.022
FL-20-17 336.5 342.5 6 0.16
including 336.5 338 1.5 0.56
FL-20-18 The National Security Agency **
FL-20-19 201 224 23 0.13
FL-20-20 162.75 164.15 1.4 0.12
And 288.5 291.5 3 0.11

*Previously released results
** No important checks

A map showing the location of each hole is available on the company’s website (

The Company also wishes to announce that it has made the first anniversary payment pursuant to the option agreement with White Metal Resources Corp (“White Metal”) regarding the Far Lake properties (see company news release dated May 20, 2020). The company paid White Metal $30,000 and issued 400,000 common shares of the company.

stock holdings

Benton remains encouraged by the progress made by Clean Air Metals Inc. (“Clean Air”), in which Benton owns 24.6 million shares. Clean Air has two rigs operating on the Thunder Bay North and Escape Lake Copper-Nickel-PGM project and have reported excellent drilling results from the ongoing drilling campaign. Benton looks forward to receiving the encouraging results of the ongoing training and the progress of the project in the future.

Benton also owns 3,940,000 shares in Quadro Resources Ltd, which is developing various projects in Newfoundland and Ontario. In addition, Benton owns 3.6 million shares of Maxtech Ventures Inc. Maxtech has an option agreement and a joint venture in the Benton Gold Project in Panama Lake in the Red Lake mining area. Furthermore, Benton owns 1.36 million shares in Metallica Metals offering Benton’s Saganaga (Starr) Gold project, and 1.0 million shares in Sokoman Minerals Corp which continues to issue excellent drilling results from the Moosehead project in Newfoundland. Benton recently entered into a strategic alliance with Sukoman Minerals for three large-scale joint ventures including Gray River, Golden Hope and Kipnickk in Newfoundland.

Benton also has two projects in Northwest Ontario that have been selected for Rio Tinto Exploration Canada (Park Lake Project and West Barrel Lake Copper-Nickel PGE).


Nathan Sims (P.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of Benton Resources Inc. ,
“Stephen Stars”
Stephen Stars, President

About Benton Resources Inc.

Benton Resources is a well-funded Canadian project generator with a diversified real estate portfolio in gold, silver, nickel, copper and platinum group items. Benton has several high quality projects available for option which can be viewed on the company’s website. Most projects have an updated Report 43-101.

Those interested in seeking more information about the properties available for the option can contact Mr. Stars at the number below.

For more information, please contact:

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