Alien Confirms the Real Reason Predators Will Never Stop Hunting Xenomorphs

Alien Confirms the Real Reason Predators Will Never Stop Hunting Xenomorphs

Aliens and Predators have been going at it for years, and now in comics, it’s finally been revealed why Predators love to hunt Xenomorphs so much!

Warning: Spoilers for Alien #10!

The Predator and Alien species are two iconic movie creations that have crossed paths more than once, and now Marvel’s Alien comic confirms why Xenomorphs will never stop being hunted by their space-faring overlords. Being able to effectively adapt and evolve in any environment makes Xenomorphs a near-perfect prey to combat, and Predators have noticed.

Confirmed in Alien #10, by Philip Kennedy Johnson and Salvador Larroca, this issue focuses on a small group of alien survivors hailing from the moon of Euridice after being besieged by the unexpected arrival of the ruthlesss known as Xenomorphs. Forced to abandon their settlement and find a new shelter while avoiding the Xenomorphs hot on their tail, the citizens of Euridice happen upon a mine full of Xeno eggs and are worse off because of it.


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Not wanting to enter the mine in the first place as looking for survivors in a Xenomorph hive isn’t always the smartest of ideas, the group eventually follows one of their own inside, preparing themselves for anything. And as expected, no one is found alive, but instead, a new kind of alien is revealed, shedding light on the reason why Predators are so obsessed with constantly hunting Xenos down.

Coming across “little burrows in the floors and walls,” it’s noted that while there are no Weyland-Yutani files on what organism could have possibly made these holes, there could be something brand new evolving in the shadows of the Xenomorph hive instead. Telling readers that, “…the alien’s beauty is in its versatility. And as you know, humans aren’t the only life-form on Euridice,” this issue follows these comments up with the reveal of a totally different kind of organism that looks far more parasitic and, well, alien than anything fans — or Predators — have seen before, giving readers an in for why Predators will never tire of hunting down and killing these terrifying Xenomorph creatures.

Known to “seed” Xenomorphs on any planet they have access to in their never-ending attempt at finding the perfect prey, Predators consistently having the ability to switch up and experiment with new ecosystems and hosts for Xenomorphs to incubate in ensuring that they’ll never be at a loss for a unique kind of enemy to hunt. And with the Xenos having the ability to endlessly adapt to whatever fauna exists on the worlds they thrive on (made clear by the numerous prequel movies set in the Alien universe), gaining new abilities and forms linked to each location they populate is something that Predators would undoubtedly love to keep going. Furthermore and because of this, Xenomorphs present Predators with a bevy of new challenges and exciting surprises at every turn, ultimately becoming so adaptable to the world around them that Predators can never truly get bored of spilling their deadly acidic blood.

So while it remains to be seen what kind of trouble this new alien creature will give the survivors of Euridice, the fact that Xenomorphs can consistently give Predators a unique depending on what world they’re dropped in is a huge bonus for these savvy alien hunters. Predators are an effective and ruthless group of space beings, and with the iconic Alien Xenomorph species constantly giving them something new to play with, it’s a pastime they’ll never have to stop taking part in.

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