Amateur hunters catch an almost 18-foot-high python ahead of the annual Snake Challenge

NAPLES, FL – We’ve got a big snake story for you ahead of the annual Florida Snake Challenge.

Three men tell Fox 4 how they’re pumped at their annual invasive snake hunting event, after catching an 18-foot python Wednesday night in Large Cypress National Park.

According to the trio, the female Burmese python weighed 104 pounds and was shy of 18 feet. One hunter told Fox 4 that it was an easy find, but a tough fight.

“When you grab their heads, they try to pull you toward the middle of their bodies so they can roll,” said Stephen Guetta, one of the hunters who caught the snake. center of her body while Jake was controlling the rest of her body to prevent him from turning around.”

Gauta told Fox 4’s Brianna Brownlee about his 5-minute feud with his cousin with Snake.

“Pure adrenaline, honestly. I can’t even remember the first 10 seconds of it. Joshua Lakes, who was with the cousins ​​when we all jumped out of the car screaming,” said Joshua Lakes, who was with the cousins ​​when we all jumped out of the car screaming”
They caught the snake.

The three were driving along US-41 in search of snakes. Jake and Leary were driving the car when he saw a surprise.

“These big snakes are called speed humps in south Florida for a reason and I know why now,” Wallery said.

Wallery said the speed bump ended up blocking the road as his group was searching for snakes in Big Cypress National Park.

Image Courtesy: Stephen Guetta

“We heard it screaming and we looked in the middle of the road and there was this snake and we didn’t know how big it was at the time,” Gotha said.

“I was screaming in excitement. I couldn’t believe I saw something this big,” Wallary said. “We heard about a hunter who had been in the area just three nights ago and told us about a monster snake he saw crossing the road. We caught it in the exact same area we reported. We thought about this snake for the last couple of days and got to see it last night. It was just a crazy experience. ”

The 18-foot-high python was the 31st serpent captured by the two cousins. Wallery said he estimates the snake is between 15 and 20 years old.

“This snake has been alive for a long time. It has experienced a lot of extreme weather changes like the deep freeze we’ve seen over a decade ago,” Wallery said. “Hurricanes have been seen, humans have survived, managed to survive. It’s crazy that one mistake jumps in front of us, eventually ending his life.”

The fishermen said this big discovery came after three years of no luck fishing. They began to search for their love of nature.

“We know that these snakes are an invasive species that rips through the Everglades,” Guetta said.

This comes as a reminder two days before the annual Snake Challenge. Last year, Florida Fish and Wildlife said 600 fishermen removed a total of 223 Everglades snakes responsible for killing wildlife, including endangered species. Although the 18-foot python cannot be entered in this year’s competition, the fishermen say they are just happy to experience something memorable.

Wally laughed, “Approaching the major leagues. We’re happy…as an amateur catching this snake is just crazy. It would have been nice if we had caught it a couple of days from now while hunting, but there’s another great one on release.”

Glade Boys Python Adventures

Image Courtesy: Jake Waleri

Wallery added that he and his cousin Gota provide a guided fishing service that is committed to preserving the South Florida ecosystem. During the summer months, they offer night tours to identify, capture, and remove invasive Burmese pythons.

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