AMD Zen4 “Raphael” Octa-core 5.2 GHz CPU, RDNA2 “GFX1036” Graphics

First Test of Next Generation Ryzen Integrated GPUs

AMD Raphael CPUs are already being tested.

Phoronix Test Suite is a test and benchmark platform that supports various tests and operating systems. It is a comprehensive set of tools where companies can automate their testing process, either to check stability or product performance. These results can later be uploaded to the OpenBenchmarking website, where one can find interesting results, including pre-production samples.

One of these devices tested is an AMD Ryzen 7000 CPU architecture sample, codenamed Raphael. OPN Code for 100-000000666 It actually matches the code we saw in late January. It … it 8 core And a Zen4 16-thread processor which supposedly boosts up to 5.21 GHz, according to the programme. The processor was working Splinter – RPL AM5 reference platform for next generation Ryzen CPUs:

AMD Ryzen 7000 octa-core processor, Source: OpenBenchmarking

More importantly, we now have the integrated graphics ID for our Zen4 desktop CPU. Here’s a reminder that Raphael will be the first major Ryzen platformer to feature integrated graphics. Until now, this has been the domain of mobile Ryzen APUs, some of which were later re-released as the desktop G series. Raphael CPUs will go in the exact opposite direction, making their debut on desktop computers and then moving to mobile devices later, such as the high-end 55W gaming CPUs codenamed “Dragon Range”, or so it is rumored. Essentially, that’s what happened with the Alder Lake-S silicon, now available for the HX series mobile enthusiasts.

Raphael’s integrated graphics bear an identifier for (GFX 1036), which are part of the same branch of GFX1030 as Beige Goby, Yellow Carp and Van Gogh, all of which are RDNA2 iGPUs. That’s why the iGPU’s Radeon audio controller has been spotted as “Rembrandt,” a codename for the Ryzen 6000 series of mobile devices.

As for the actual tests, it’s clear that those tests weren’t fully functional at full GPU speed. Currently, they’re on par with some older integrated GPU solutions, and certainly not anywhere near the level of a Vega/Xe-LP or even a Van Gogh (Steam Deck iGPU). However, it should be noted that Raphael’s iGPU is not intended to be gaming-capable. These graphics are a companion to the powerful Zen4 CPU core, and their main purpose is to be a primary display controller or media decoder.

AMD Ryzen 7000 GFX1036 “RDNA2” Graphics Performance, Source: OpenBenchmarking

It is now believed that the AMD Ryzen 7000 series of desktop computers will launch in September. The company will soon hold a Computex 2022 keynote where one expects an update to its Zen4 consumer CPUs, considering that AMD already teased the new series at CES 2022 in January.

Source: OpenBenchmarking via Petikimanu

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