An experienced fisherman gets some valuable fishing tips from his 5-year-old grandson

How does one eliminate layers of travel, exotic settings, news catches, complex strategies, high-tech equipment – and once again find that core at the heart of fishing, the joy of taking a colorful still person out of the water. The world we can only visit?

Fortunately on Saturday she enlisted the services of a guide. A child named Ibrahim is 5 years old.

While I was on a fishing trip in Canada, he was tending to a baitfish rig in a small pond in southwest Michigan with his fellow preschoolers.

He was ready to share his thoughts.

We met in a small park with a floating fishing dock, near a playground, a bathroom block, and a dog park. At the end of the berth was a T-section with a seat and guard rail. An ideal fishing platform.

I knew he wasn’t big on blending into crowds, so I arrived twenty minutes early to make a claim. Abby and his father showed up around the appointed time, at which point Abe announced, “The plan has changed. We’ll start at the playground.”

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