AnglerCatch is a good catch for anglers

Have you ever wondered how many striped buses you took last June, or when your summer flounder bite started in the past few years?

Or better yet, what does the weather, seas, and winds look like at your favorite fishing spot in the bay, around Block Island or offshore? Perhaps if you had this information beforehand, you would plan your trips differently – and plan better.

You can now have your own historical fishing information (such as a log book) complete with pictures of the fish you caught. You can also find out about tides, wind and sea status of any location with Floating Weather using your smartphone or tablet in one simple app called AnglerCatch.

Meanwhile, it will provide fish managers with the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management or the Massachusetts Department of Marine Fisheries with critical data on recreational fishing to complement what has already been collected while participating in a science pilot project. This information will help enhance recreational fishing data so that better fisheries management decisions can be made about regulations.

It will not reveal your fishing locations, as the data is used in aggregate. Everyone feels different about their hunting grounds. I share as much information as possible with my readers. I have hundreds of fishing spots because those hot spots change from day to day, month to month, year to year, depending on sea conditions, weather, water temperature, tides, and many other variables.

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