Announcing the 2021 Fish Cup Winners – NH . Fish & Game Department

John Veer: (603) 5470-744
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12 May 2022

New Hampton, New Hampshire The winners of the 2021 New Hampshire Fish Cup program were recently announced by John Veer, District 2 fish biologist and Coordinator of the Cup Fish Program. Award certificates, appropriate for framing and signed by the Executive Director of the New Hampshire Department of Fish and Game and Chairman of the Fish and Game Commission, were handed out to each category winner. A list of all winning entries can be found by visiting

“The Trophy Fish Program provides official recognition to successful fishermen, keeps catches noteworthy, and even offers some bragging rights,” Villar said. “Meanwhile, fisheries biologists are receiving valuable data about different species and water bodies at the state level.”

A significant increase in the total number of successful entries (76) was recorded in 2021, with 72 freshwater and 4 saltwater entries. Two new state records, both saltwater, were set for a 20-inch, 3 lb, 2.24 oz black sea bass caught by Stephen Clifford of Dover, New Hampshire, and a 14.5 inch, 1 lb, 14.72 oz Conner caught by Ryan Patenaud From Ray, New Hampshire.

From a 15-pound, 0.32-ounce wrestler trout by Zachary Curran of New Hampton, New Hampton, to a 10-inch Gill by James Leary of Haverhill, Massachusetts, every year the entries for the Trophy Fish Program testify to a wide range of opportunities. Available in lakes, ponds, rivers, New Hampshire and coastal waters.

In fact, the diversity of freshwater species presented in 2021 was the most diverse in recent memory. With successful entries received not only for most cold water species (eg landlocked salmon, lake trout, rainbow trout) and warm water species (eg, largemouth and smallmouth bass, becquerel series), but also all major squash species (gill, pumpkin seed, black crappie, yellow perch, white perch, rock bass) and even “other” species such as brown bulls, common carp, and autumn crappie.

“Obviously the fishermen are out in full force in 2021, and it will be interesting to see if such increased and varied catches will be introduced in 2022,” Villar noted.

For a list of all winning entries, application forms, rules, state records, and winners from past years, visit

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