Arkansas gave Kansas 50 adult Blue Catfish for breeding free of charge

The state of Arkansas last year gave the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks 50 young adult Blue Catfish free of charge to be used for breeding.

That spawned a new program that will enable KWDP to be self-sufficient in terms of producing Blue Catfish for Kansas lakes, said Dan Mosier II, senior manager of fish culture.

KDWP staff on June 13 collected the first two Blue Catfish spawns for the program, consisting of a total of about 60,000 eggs, KDWP announced Monday on its Facebook page.

“This is an exciting start for the program, and for the species and anglers who target them in Kansas,” Monday’s post said.

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One Kansas Blue Catfish weighed 102.8 pounds

The Blue Catfish looks much like the channel catfish, except the blue has a humped back and an anal fin with 30 or more rays, and grows bigger, according to the KDWP website.

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