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Like last year, the disco party went out at the Heyer Valley Camp this weekend, on the occasion of the second edition of the similar festival organized by the city of Karakes. After the success of the first festival, the free event was rescheduled with a poster made up of lookalikes of the group’s singers Apa, Claude Francois, Elvis Presley and Edith Piaf. During the latter’s concerts, the audience enthusiastically sang world songs of the 70s and 80s, such as classics of French song.

Nearly 400 people

Sunset in the Valley of Hyeres, Karen Doria, in the skin of one of the singers of the band ABBA, who launched the festival at the start of Saturday evening. Alone, her classmate in the theater was in touch, but accompanied by the audience who came in droves.

“There were nearly 400 people there,” said Serge Cotteler, Carhaix’s culture assistant. Despite the success of the first version, “I was surprised when I arrived and saw how many cars were parked,” the latter states. Coming in and out of the camp, the audience is back again and motivated to dance to the tunes of a Swedish pop group like ‘Mamma Mia’.

’80s vibes with Karine D’Auria, in ABBA singer shoes. (The Telegram / Morgan Kervestin)

“Reminds me of my youth”

After madam, place for the master in the second part of Saturday evening. With a voice and a physique very close to his idol Claude Francois, Frank Doria took charge, accompanied by two Claudettes. Outfit, style, choreography: everything is an era!

“I love it, it reminds me of my youth,” exclaims Beret, who has come to sing the nicknames “Cluklo” at the top of her lungs with a frame dedicated to the artist. The songs are immortal. Young and old, hardcore fans or not, everyone enjoyed and sang along the way to Alexandria port. Or at least late at night. “The party ended very late and it was great, and there was a crazy atmosphere,” Frank Doria says.

Frank Doria and Perrett
Peret came to sing her youth with Frank Doria, and Claude Francois translated on stage. (The Telegram / Morgan Kervestin)


On Sunday, Jesse Morgan performed a rock dance in Elvis Presley’s skin. Despite the heat of the day, the weakness of the “king” for twenty-seven years gave everything, a sound and a gesture. “At my age, Elvis actually died five years ago,” he admits, “a little tired,” but he’s still with bananas. For him, the main thing is “Honor Elvis. And if people are happy, then I am. The mission succeeded for Corinne, who came from Châteauneuf de Vaux. I didn’t know and that’s crazy, it’s a nice surprise,” she rejoices, “why not, Do the same with us.”

At the conclusion of the festival, this time Karine D’Auria interpreted Edith Piaf, under the direction of Morgan Renaud, Renaud’s look alike during the previous edition. “This year again, people appreciated it. It shows that they need to go out and have fun,” concludes Serge Cotiller, adding that the festival “must go on.”

Karen Doria
Karen Doria also performed on the set of Edith Piaf. (The Telegram / Morgan Kervestin)

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