Backpack out has a waiting list of 9000 – and it’s just back in stock

Backpacks are not just a fashion statement, but also legitimate luggage for a person on the go. Travelers, hikers, and people get excited about the outdoors. The Away Backpack is being restocked. This is one product back on shelves after 9,000 people were queued up to purchase a travel package.

The Away backpack is very popular because of how much it can pack (and even more). The backpack’s key features are what makes it ideal for divvying up keepsakes. The fans will be equipped with three zippered compartments, a protected laptop pocket, and a water bottle bag that is easily accessible from the outside. Additionally, travelers can choose their favorite color since the backpack is available in navy, black and asphalt colours.

The brand states in its mission, “Your luggage must weigh more than it does — your house must be between homes, your closet between closets, and outlets between outlets.”

According to an Away representative, the fan-favorite travel accessory has become one of the brand’s most sought after products among Away’s followers. It was originally launched on August 21, 2018 and sold on August 27. The Backpack has become the brand’s fastest selling staple of the travel brand.

The backpack retails for $195 and is officially available to buy again on March 15th online and in Away stores.

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Since its first launch in August 2018, the backpack has been sold out until re-stocking. In the meantime, the previously mentioned 9,000 people were on a waiting list to buy the bag.

From the outside, the backpack looks medium in size, but in fact it’s big enough to hold a 15-inch laptop. Users of The Backpack can take their work with them, with room to carry laptops, earphones, passports, wallets and other personal items.

This smart travel bag is also made of nylon to counteract any potential damage and has built-in padded straps to make it easy to carry.

The backpack is also a gem for travelers as it clips perfectly on top of any Away suitcase.

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For luggage users who want something a little slimmer, Away also offers customers The Daypack. Away’s Daypack is less expensive than The Backpack, at $145.


Daypack is a smaller version of The Backpack. This small backpack still offers the same organization for passports and other small items, but it only fits a 13-inch laptop.

However, users can rock the Daypack in the original three colors or purchase limited-edition shades.

One of the limited edition Daypacks comes in a washed blue color with color-blocked zippers, which will set you back $175. For a limited time, fans can purchase one of two pebbled leather day bags as part of the brand’s Metropolis collection for $275. One is presented in black and the other in camouflage.

Nowadays, the goal of traveling with luggage is to make the trip as effortless as possible. Apparently 9,000 people would agree that this backpack is as fuss-free as it gets.

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