Basin + Bend: New outdoor gear shop opens

The new Basin + Bend outdoor gear shop opened in Black Hawk in December 2021. The business was founded by Erik Myhre.

Basin + Bend has everything you need if you’re in search of a full-service fly shop, a fishing and hunting store, an outdoor sports store, or even a sporting goods store. They have outdoor clothing and equipment for all seasons.

You’ll find them on Gregory Plaza, just uphill from downtown Black Hawk and the casino district and only steps away from North Clear Creek. “We’re proud to be in the newly opened HARD district (History Appreciation Recreation Destination).”

Myhre’s wife Shelly said the business is on Facebook and Instagram. They opened when the HARD District Plaza opened. She works on weekends, while her husband works during the week.

They have just included in their inventory electric bikes for sale and they are considering renting them as well. Myhre said the bikes are fully electric. “You can ride it like a regular bike,” he said, “but it has a power assist.”

Myhre said he worked for a large outdoor manufacturer and saw many people buying outdoor gear who didn’t know how to use it. He wanted to change that. He opened a shop in Evergreen, which he ran from 2017 to 2020. The shop in Black Hawk has more room, and he would like to expand into more hiking and camping gear. He said they have outdoor gear for hunting and fishing, with a wide selection of fly-fishing baits. He enjoys interaction with the customers and sharing his passion about the gear in the shop, which he uses himself.

On the Basin + Bend website, Myhre states: “We believe in Conservation First™, so we donate 2% of your purchase to a different quarterly non-profit conservation. Now you can protect your passion just by purchasing the gear you already have been eyeing!” So far, contributions have been made to organizations like Trout Unlimited and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

Why? “When we look at the world today, we see too many corporations forgoing ethical and sustainable manufacturing processes so they can squeeze every last penny of profit out of their products, despoiling the environment while casting the future aside for short term financial gains….Our public lands and wild places are under threat daily, and left unchecked, access to the wild lands and wildlife places where we connect with our natural world and our hunting and fishing traditions will be gone forever.

“This is not the world we want to live in….We use commerce as a means to an end for conservation. We are creating a retail environment where every transaction from every manufacturer helps secure the future of the wild places and the wildlife that calls those places home.”

He said that they have sales all over the world through their website. The biggest challenge right now, he noted, is getting the word out that there is more in Black Hawk than gambling. But the bottom line for them: “We are fish kissers, tree huggers, animal advocates, outdoor fanatics, and political sources. We are hunters and anglers. But most of all, we are optimists.

“We are basin + bend.”

Basin + Bend is located at 357 Gregory Street in Black Hawk. For more information check out their website at or their Facebook page at https:// You can reach them by phone at 720-320-4941, or email at [email protected]

Sponsored by Gilpin County Commissioners, with funds from the American Rescue Plan Act.

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