Baxter Black family submits his obituary, final poem for loyal readers

Editor’s note: Cowboy poet Baxter Black, a longtime columnist whose weekly edition of On the Edge of Common Sense ran regularly in the Amarillo Globe-News over the years before his retirement, has died. The family submitted this obituary and poem to pass along to all of his loyal readers on Wednesday.

On June 10, 2022 Baxter Ashby Black, large animal veterinarian, cowboy poet and philosopher, husband, father and papa rode his old horse on home. Just before sunrise on that day, Jesus signed on one more ol’ cowboy to ride the Golden Fields across the Jordan.

The iconic cowboy poet and storyteller had humble beginnings. He was born to Robert and Teddie Black at the Brooklyn Naval Hospital just before the end of World War II. He was the first of what would eventually be four brothers: Baxter, Bob, John and Stephen. The family traveled through West Virginia, Texas and ended up in Las Cruces, New Mexico where Baxter would call home. When Baxter was 15 years old his life changed as his father, Robert, who was the youngest Dean of Agriculture at New Mexico State University, away unexpectedly and he became the man of the house. All while doing his part for the family, he continued to play the guitar among many other things but he always went to church on Sunday.

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