Bernardo Silva is still looking for the exit door but the love for him in Man City is still there

It’s 2042. The 48-year-old Bernardo Silva has completed his transformation in the Manchester City midfield. This included 13km of running, but the effort was allied with the quality of the ball and the tactical intelligence that his manager appreciated. However, he is not entirely happy. Like every summer for two decades or more, he strove to leave but finds himself trapped in the most luxurious prisons, a brilliant footballer doomed to play for a brilliant team while being paid exceptionally well.

And if that gives him a precious little sympathy and may not be an entirely accurate prediction of the future, Silva is an example that Frenkie de Jong is not the only midfielder at the center of a strange saga involving Barcelona and FC Manchester. There would have been a final for the Portuguese on Saturday afternoon – he was the last player off the field, applauding all four stands, giving his shirt to the crowd – which sounded like a sullen farewell; However, this may not be a goodbye at all. He searched for an escape last summer but is still in City.

Bernardo Silva gave his shirt to a spectator following the win over Bournemouth

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Bernardo Silva gives his shirt to the fans after the win against Bournemouth

(Work photos via Reuters)

It may be a unique case. He would have joined almost any team in the world – Kevin De Bruyne and Ilkay Gundogan tried to make City an exception thanks to their superiority against Bournemouth – and join almost any other team that would see him fall.

He appears to prefer one of Barcelona’s worst teams of the past 35 years over perhaps the best in City’s history when, as De Jong can attest, dreams can sour at the Nou Camp, even if those ambitions consist only of payouts. Agreed upon in the contract.

The Siti family is united in their desire to keep him. The biggest applause for the 4-0 win over Bournemouth was not just Erling Haaland’s home debut or Gundogan or De Bruyne’s lavish goals, but Silva’s introduction.

Pep Guardiola can seem strangely open about his possible departure, from checking Silva’s name as the one who wanted to move in 2021 to saying on Friday he doesn’t know what’s going to happen, but there are a few footballers he loves most: This is not the case Like Raheem Sterling, Gabriel Jesus or Oleksandr Zinchenko, whose desire to play first-team football was facilitated but not an integral part of his plans. “I want Bernardo Silva here 100 per cent, or 110 per cent,” he said this week. “I love him, weaker when I talk about him. He is such a special person.”

His classmates’ affection for him was also evident. “He knows,” said De Bruyne. “I think he’s very likable.” The Belgian is an outspoken speaker and yet he seemed unconcerned. Perhaps he remembered last summer when Silva thought about the new pastures, perhaps he considered it unlikely that Barcelona would somehow pull 23.research and development or 24The tenth Crane to buy it and register it. “The way I see it, I think he’ll be here, so there’s nothing to worry about,” De Bruyne added. “Whatever happens he is great for us and I expect him to be here with us this year.”

Kevin de Bruyne expects Silva to remain at Man City

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Kevin De Bruyne expects Silva to stay at Manchester City

(AFP via Getty Images)

And if there were a few reasons that led Silva to contemplate a future elsewhere, most notably his unhappiness during his life in Manchester, his passion for wandering gave way to great football. Mohamed Salah’s performance is arguably only the best in the Premier League in the first half of last season; Guardiola argues that no one was superior in 2018-2019.

This splendor will make it difficult to replace, and almost impossible in the last two weeks out of the window. Perhaps, while Guardiola gives the impression that he is waiting for events, his comments are actually backed by confidence that Silva is not going anywhere.

If so, he will feel the strange man again. City had enough oomph to bring in Haaland, perhaps the most desirable striker in the world, and kept De Bruyne, one of their best midfielders, with fewer warnings. Barcelona can exercise oomph, as various people such as Robert Lewandowski and Ravenha show, and Silva may have hoped to name his dogs after players at the Nou Camp rather than John Stones, but City’s persuasion efforts on Saturday showed how much they value them. Selfless star. And if De Bruyne is right and Silva is not going anywhere, perhaps this season will be the year of the groundhog for him. Perhaps the next campaign will be, too.

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