Best Luxury Camping Equipment for 2022

Merriam-Webster defines luxury as1: A state of abundance or ease and comfort : Luxurious environment And 2a: Something that adds to pleasure or comfort but isn’t entirely necessary,” but in my book, it’s somewhat subjective. If you’re used to it, it’ll feel as luxurious as a cup of hot coffee and perhaps a three-inch thicker sleeping pad. By comparison, if you’re used to riding The bikes are at the Ritz and if you want to try your hand at flamingo, the bar will be set much higher (a lot).

I wrote this guide with the intent of providing a selection of goods that could elevate any camping trip – from sheepskin, to their own snow-making portable refrigerator. Luxury can be achieved through both large and small items; At its core, luxury is a feeling, with changing appearances. I hope you find in this menu a little slice of heaven.


Stones said: Gimme, give me shelter. When it comes to fancy fossils in the wild, these items top our list.

Hayley Helms

Get Out Lite Bell Tent

The Get Out says this plush game is designed to fit a single queen or two twin beds, but when you’re inside, it’s easy to imagine squeezing six of your best friends for a sleepover camping version.

I set up this tent myself, and it took about half an hour – but with a little more urgency and a few practice runs, I can see two people getting this thing ready in under 10 minutes, easily. The top of the tent is 210D polyester oxford, and the floor is 540g/sqm ripstop PVC. The tent has taped seams to protect against water, YKK zippers on the doors and windows and has been treated to be fire, mildew, and water resistant. The Lite Bell does a good job of keeping the heat out—you’ll want to open the four small windows that run the perimeter of the tent for airflow, or things can get on with little things in the summer months.

The Lite Bell is huge: It’s set up, 13 feet in diameter and 8 feet long, and weighs 70 pounds, so when you’re gearing up for your next trip, be sure to leave enough room in your car to accommodate a suitcase. Once you’re done, you’ll forget all about the work it took to get started and enjoy the space.

helinox one . bed

Hayley Helms

Helinox Cot One Convertible Insulated Bed

Unless you’re packing a queen bed on your next trip (which sounds amazing, but is a little unreal), you’ll need something to elevate your sleep experience…literally.

The crib gets you merely High enough off the floor to feel like you’re sleeping on a real bed, without the weight and inconvenience. Plus, this crib comes with an insulated pillow so you can stay warm as the temperatures drop. I had a hard time setting mine up – the instructions were so vague, I thought it would take a few more tries to get it right. But, despite the difficult setup, I did appreciate the tie-dye method, which adds a bit of excitement to my sleep setting.

Sheepskin rug single

Hayley Helms

Premium Australian Sheepskin Rug (2 x 3.5 inches) Single Leather Rug (2 x 3.5 inches)



Sheepskin rug while camping? If your priority is luxury, why the hell not? The Overland single shell option is probably the most comfortable thing I bring camping – I set it up next to my bed for a relaxing start each morning, and I also use it as a meditation pillow. The veneer comes in thirteen colors, so even the most picky among us will have a choice to appreciate.

This rug can’t be proven necessary, but if you appreciate the finer things in life, it will definitely take your camping game to the next level.

red snow peak folding chair

Hayley Helms

Folding Red Peak Snow Chair

Jared Spall said it best: “Good design, when done well, becomes invisible. We only notice it when it’s done poorly.” This principle guides many of Snow Peak’s elements, but none quite like this simple red camping chair.

The Red Folding Chair is a prime example of equal-price quality—at more than $100, it’s not the cheapest chair on the market, and that’s the point. Packable and lightweight at seven pounds, easy to clean and aesthetically pleasing; These are just a few of the features of the red folding chair. Campers under 6 can easily set it up, and the aluminum alloy frame and sturdy canvas seat stand up to wear and tear without fading. I’ve used this chair four years in a row, in the desert, on the beach and in the mountains, and it looks as good as when I got it.

camp prep

When it comes to setting up your campsite, a few basic items go a long way. Settle down with these shots.

peak snow torch

You can start a fire the hard way or the fun way. Guess which we chose.
Hayley Helms

If I were to write my camping dictionary, under “Luxury,” there would be a picture of a Snow Peak Folding Torch. Sure, there’s credibility in lighting your fire with a box of matches and plenty of willpower, but when the wind gets tough, or if you just want to have a little fun, blast that little flamethrower and light a fire.

The Snow Peak Folding Torch is compact in size 10.1 ounces and features a beautiful combination of stainless steel and wood. Simply roll up a can of iso-butane fuel, pull the trigger, and get cooking.

son axis

Hayley Helms

Filson X Brant & Cochran® Belt Axe


USD 450.00

If you want to get a campfire or pound tent efficiently, you won’t go far without an ax or axe. Not just anything he will do – the right ax will be sharp, elegant and capable. Enter: Filson x Brant & Cochran Dirigo belt axe.

Luxury can be defined by quality materials, but it can also be defined by good performance – and this ax has both in spades. It was sliced ​​through wood not like butter, as that would obviously be overkill, but more like fresh butter from the fridge – there was a little resistance, but with the right technique, I carved exactly what we needed.

Handcrafted in Maine, a 25-degree, 1050 carbon steel head and 17″ hickory handle are used using traditional forging and tempering techniques – for history buffs, the steel head is the same effective wedge shape unique to Maine’s early 20th century hubs. The size is somewhere between the hatchet and Hudson’s Bay – big enough for most jobs, but not too difficult for smaller ax handlers like myself.

GOL Zero Yeti 1500x . Power Plant

This thing does not stop. The Goal Zero’s Yeti 1500X power plant has been a mainstay in my camper kit for years—and this was probably my first introduction to outdoor luxury. Goal Zero has earned its reputation as reliable, bomb-resistant off-grid power supplies, and the 1500X is a prime example of this. Capable of powering my portable fridge for days at a time, this thing is also powerful enough to back up home circuits, should the need arise. When I’m on the road or camping, I charge my laptop, fridge, phone, headlights, lanterns…you name it, this thing has charged me. By connecting it to a solar panel on the roof of our car, this thing is powered up, powered up and running…

camp kitchen

Cooking outdoors requires a little more attention, but don’t let that be an excuse to open a can of cold beans and call it a night. Make your camp kitchen cozy with these picks.

portable refrigerator

Hayley Helms

Dometic CFX3 55IM


1199.99 USD

The most notable feature of this portable refrigerator is the fact that it makes ice – in my opinion the epitome of luxury related to a refrigerator. The quick-freeze plate and included silicone trays make ice in a matter of hours, whether you’re in the backyard or off the grid.

I’ve used portable refrigerators before, and none of them came close to the CFX3 55IM. It is deceptively small, and features plenty of space inside for 2-3 days of food. Some will mourn the lack of a dedicated freezer compartment, but the single-zone cooler can drop to -7 degrees Fahrenheit, so if necessary, things frozen will stay that way.

At 47 pounds, the refrigerator is light enough to carry myself when empty, and the sturdy, well-crafted handles make it easy to transport alone or when loading with a partner. To power the refrigerator, I used a portable PLB40 lithium battery from Dometic, which is designed to power portable coolers and off-grid 12V devices. On a full charge, the battery bank kept my fridge running for two days without worrying about power.

I’d argue that good coffee is a must (if you’re going to indulge in it, it might taste good too), but I know a lot of people who are good at the instant variety. To these folks, I’d say it’s time for an upgrade. Good coffee requires freshly ground beans, and VSSL’s manual option makes the process intuitive enough to do just about anywhere.

Loading the coffee beans is as simple as exiting the top of the grinder, and once inside, the stainless steel bearings on the top and bottom ensure a smooth and consistent grind. Just 60 seconds of grinding yields 20 grams of ground coffee – perfect for that cup of camp joe.

pendulum enamel

If your enamel is properly cared for, it can last generations.
Scott Sever


Who doesn’t love enamel tools? Camp vibes, easy cleanup, and a light weight make the final material for camp dish water, and I’m raising things up by getting the Pendleton set. Known as one of the leading camp and home brands, Pendleton has been living it up very high for the past 100 years, and the Enamel Toolkit continues that tradition. The way the dark blue and shiny gold make any camping site feel rich and lively, and with two plates, cups and bowls, it’s the perfect addition to a romantic getaway with your partner.


Peak snow home and camp lantern

Hayley Helms

Snow Peak Home and Camp Lantern

The existence of lanterns dates back to 1500 B.C., and while today’s versions look and function in a completely strange way than their predecessors, the concept is the same: a portable and powerful light to illuminate the darkness of the night.

For those who want to add a little Class To the camp site, Snow Peak’s Home & Camp Lantern is a rechargeable, portable lamp that comes with a USB charging stand, adjustable handle, and dimmable light. Available in black, white or brown, the Mini Lantern weighs less than two pounds, casts 400 lumens and can run at full power for four hours and 23 hours at low power.

Felson Mackinaw Blanket

Warm atmosphere wherever you go.
Scott Sever

Filsom Mackinaw Fleece Blanket



There’s something undeniably luxurious about wool – it feels heritage and modern at the same time, and is full of undeniable nostalgia. I’ve had the Filson Warm, Heavy Duty Camp Blanket for 2 years now and it looks almost as new as the day I got it.

Wool is scratchy, thick and warm in an impossibly attractive way that only wool can pull it off. Made to be used indoors or out, this blanket instantly uplifts the vibes of any camping site you’ve been invited to. With the Mackinaw Wool Blanket, it’s the details that set it above the rest: The jagged edges prevent fraying, and the 100 percent American virgin wool is water-repellent and naturally warm, so inclement weather won’t stand a chance. This is a blanket you will hand over to the kids one day.


Scott Sever

Nocs Pro Edition Waterproof Binoculars


Little touches go a long way to creating a sense of luxury and luxury at the campsite (and beyond). What better way to enjoy this incarnation than with a pair of waterproof diodes?

The good folks at Nocs have created a pair of binoculars that are amazing to use, thanks to their unique colors and simple execution. The Pro version comes in 8×42 or 10×42 sizes, and features a 429-foot field of view that enhances peripheral vision and lacks distortion. Contrast and sharpness are noticeable from the jump, and the diodes are both water and fog resistant. Whether it’s raining or bright, having a pair of these at the campsite instantly elevates your experience.

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