Best Places to Hike in Massachusetts: These 10 Sites Have Scenic Views, Hike, Swim, and More

Grab a spot on the lawn, unroll a sandwich, and some fruit and crackers for a quiet picnic in Massachusetts this summer.

Massachusetts has so many parks and beaches that residents can find a place to lay down a blanket and enjoy lunch together. But some of the best ones include unique views, water slides, hiking, and popcorn.

See below for 10 of the best picnic spots in Massachusetts.

Breezy Picnic Areas – Douglas

If you are looking for a bit of adventure with a picnic, be sure to visit Breezy Picnic Grounds.

Located in Douglas, the business offers picnic spots close to three 300-foot water slides with unlimited rides. It costs about $23 per person, depending on age.

“Kids, as well as their parents and grandparents, can have a full day of family fun at Breezy,” the site states.

Childs Park – Northampton

Childs Park in Northampton encompasses 40 acres that include three large meadows and two natural ponds.

“It is a place for quiet reflection and savoring the smells, sounds, and sights of nature,” the website states.

Open seasonally from May 1 to October 31. Open on weekdays from 7 am to 5 pm, while on weekends it is open from 9 am to 5 pm

Forever and Ever Blue Heaven blooms in rich shades of true blue in June.

Heritage museums and gardenssandwich

Those who head to the Heritage Gardens and Museums can bring their own food to enjoy a picnic among the flowers.

“Visitors are also welcome to enjoy their food and drinks on the lawns or use the picnic tables provided,” the website states. “We encourage you to bring your own picnic blanket.”

Guests cannot bring alcohol. However, beer and wine can be purchased at the café.

Open 10am-5pm from April 23 to October 16. It costs $21 for adults and tickets can be purchased online.

Mount Mary Edwards Estate – Grande, Conn.

While Mary Edwards Mountain Property is not in Massachusetts, its views of Springfield are well worth the drive.

There are approximately four miles of trails and free parking.

“Stroll through beautifully preserved stone walls, along with a bubble stream, and up to the viewpoint that overlooks the Connecticut River Valley, providing a fantastic view of Springfield and Mount Tom Range,” the site states.

Did you get cabin fever?  Walk this Sugarloaf Mountain trail

The South Sugarloaf Trail in South Deerfield offers a great view of the Connecticut River and Pioneer Valley.Steve Smith special for the Republican

Sugarloaf Mountain State Reserve – South Deerfield

Hike the trails at Mount Sugarloaf State Reservation in South Deerfield and enjoy lunch with stunning views.

The site states that Summit Road is open from mid-May through mid-October and that it “offers amazing views of the Connecticut River Valley.” Open from 9 am until sunset.

Parking costs $5 for Massachusetts residents and $20 for those outside Massachusetts.

Robins Farm Garden – Arlington

Enjoy a view of the Boston skyline at Robbins Farm Garden.

The area includes a baseball diamond, a football field, a picnic area, a large green space, a playground, summer movies in the park, and a Fourth of July celebration. The picnic area can be reserved for birthday parties and small gatherings of less than 50 people. A permit, however, is required.

Salem Willows – Salem

End your day exploring Salem in a new way with a picnic in Salem Willows.

“With an arcade video game, the best popcorn in New England, a picnic area, and a beachfront boardwalk, you won’t want to leave,” the website says.

Parking varies and the park is open all year round.

View of downtown Boston from a boat on Boston Harbor

Image courtesy of Tripadvisor.

Spectacle Island, Boston Harbor – Boston

Set sail away from Boston city life and head to Spectacle Island for a peaceful stroll.

The island is a short ferry ride away, which costs $25. Once you get there, enjoy hiking, the beach, a picnic, and more.

With panoramic views of Boston Harbor and an easily accessible lifeguard beach, Spectacle Island is perfect for outdoor adventures or a relaxing day by the sea.

Winter Picnic on the Swift River Trail at Quabbin Reservoir

For peace and quiet, the Swift River Trail at Quabbin Reservoir is perfect for a winter hike or hike.

vaulting tankBelchertown

Quabbin Reservoir is a good place to enjoy a picnic and a view.

It is “one of the largest unfiltered water supplies in the United States” and visitors are allowed through gates and designated areas one hour before sunrise and one hour after sunset.

Parking, however, is limited. Dogs are also not allowed.

Carry a craft picnic

Colorful foldable picnic blanket, (AP Photo/Holly Ramer)News agency

the end of the world Hingham

The World’s End in Hingham is a great place for family picnics.

It includes the Four Coastal Drums, spoon-shaped mounds formed by glaciers, that extended into Hingham Harbour. Views include rolling hills, rocky beaches, and “sweeping views of the Boston skyline.”

No pass required before going. They can be booked online and cost $10-15 per vehicle.

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