Bill Hills Jr.: An outside media event promoting WNY fisheries over and over | in the fresh air

James Hall, editor-in-chief of Bassmaster magazine, was tossing a jerkbait high in the Niagara River last weekend as part of an outdoor media event organized by Destination Niagara USA. Under less-than-ideal conditions, Hall started to roll with a small mouth after bass smallmouth.

“Over the course of three days, I fished Lake Erie, the Upper Niagara River and the Lower Niagara River,” said Hall. “No matter how many times I visit these fisheries, I am still fascinated by the beauty and abundant marine life. At one in the morning fishing with Captain Frank Campbell , landed over 40 smallmouth bass, the largest of which is close to six pounds. It was the best day of smallmouth fishing since the last time I fished the Niagara River over six years ago. There is magic in those waters, and anglers of any skill level can use a stick “.

Western New York is blessed with some of the best freshwater fishing in the world. The combination of quality, quantity and species diversity is what makes this region unique.

“I’m biased because I live in western New York,” admitted In-Fisherman Magazine Associated publisher Todd Ceisner of Depew, who was part of the media unit that attended the event—a favorite outdoor media outlet that wrapped up 25 years later. Learn all about the great fishing opportunities found throughout the Niagara region, from the upper and lower Niagara River to Lake Erie and Lake Ontario.

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“The cool thing about this event is seeing industry friends and new acquaintances getting a taste of it and seeing their reaction up close or hearing their stories about fish for dinner. It never gets old. I challenge anyone to find an area that offers better-shelf freshwater fishing like we have here “.

One of the media workers who returned was Louis Stout from Indiana. The award-winning writer was recently inducted into the Bass Fishing Hall of Fame as a media professional in 2017.

“This was my third trip to Niagara, and it has once again proven to be one of the best fisheries in the country, even when on layover,” Stout said. “It’s a great place to test the products while enjoying the beautiful area.

“I was there to collect photos and additional research for the Bassmaster story about adding mini rotating rigs to soft plastic with an emphasis on Ned style baits. I fished with Patrick Duncan of Rapid Fishing Solutions, a company that makes this type of rig.

“Just like I did last year while fishing with him, the rig produced a small five pound Math and proved to me that this little trick works. We fished with and without them, and got the most bites, something I have verified and can share with Bassmaster readers who find themselves In the face of a tough bite.”

Stout also got to sample some great fishing on Lake Erie with Captain Terry Jones, 1st Class Bass and Lower River with Captain Frank Campbell.

“Two of the guides are top notch that know how to find and catch fish,” Stout said.

South Carolina’s Mark Davis hosts one of the best TV shows on The Outdoor Channel, “Big Water Adventure.” This is what he had to say:

“For over two decades, many of the top outdoor media and outdoor manufacturers in the fishing industry have spent the first week of May in Lewiston. I travel the world fishing in saltwater, and the Niagara Media event is always the first set of saved dates. In my calendar every year. The area’s generosity and fishing, both in diversity and species that Lake Erie, Niagara River, and Lake Ontario provide, truly fall into the world-class category. I just left and I’m really looking forward to next year.”

As noted by Davis, it is more involved than the outside media. Industry professionals who are also corporate sponsors allow them to get their products into the hands of writers and other media workers. Mark McQueen, Garmin’s regional director of sales, was present this week.

“I have the opportunity to attend many media events a year,” McCown said. “Niagara is by far the best I bring every year. The fisheries are very diverse, which gives fishermen the opportunity to catch multiple species. This event is always well organized and well attended by many good writers and media people. I always look forward to this event every spring” .

Part of the reason McQuown is here is because of some of the new products available through Garmin.

“The best of the best just got better with the LiveScope Plus system, the latest addition to Garmin’s revolutionary live-scan sonar lineup with brilliantly clear live-scan sonar yields and 35% improved target separation from the existing system,” he said. With sharper resolution, lower noise, and sharper images from Garmin, it’s easier than ever to see hull, bait and fish around the boat in real time, even while stationary. “

With three modes — forward, downward, and perspective — the LiveScope Plus includes the popular Perspective Mode Mount system. Simply adjust the transducer to fit where you are fishing. Forward mode shows what’s in front and a little below the boat, bottom mode gives you a view of what’s directly below, and perspective mode is great for a top-down view. The display changes automatically on the compatible Garmin histogram screen.

The LiveScope Plus is also equipped with additional sensors that allow it to constantly adjust the sonar to compensate for the movement of the boat, so even in extreme conditions, anglers will see a steady sonar image.

Other manufacturers attending the event included Power Pole, Rapid Fishing Solutions, Flambeau Outdoors, Strike King, Lew’s, Blue Wave, Seaguar, Mammoth Coolers, Niagara Falls Convention Center and Destination Niagara USA.

“The media event Niagara has been going on for more than 20 years,” says Campbell, organizer of Hunting Week. “It’s a win-win situation for everyone, from guides to manufacturers to media attendance to Destination Niagara. I look at it as a cycle, and if everyone does their part, the cycle continues and the benefits reaped will continue.”

“By partnering with so many manufacturers, this helps defray costs,” Campbell added. “Through relationships with manufacturers, we can secure products that are used for giveaways and prizes at various events throughout the year, such as Fish Odyssey. We also have several manufacturers who sit on booths at the Niagara Fishing and Outdoor Fishing Show each winter.” .

Campbell insists that outside media is very important in helping to get the message out to the fishing world that the Niagara region is one of the best freshwater destinations in the country.

“When all was said and done, we would receive millions of views through our external media attendees,” Campbell said. “It lends a lot of credibility to our claim that it’s the best freshwater fishing anywhere. The weather last week has slowed things down a bit for us, but then again, ‘outside’ fishing is what other areas dream about.”

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