Bion’s new technology will make beef sustainable and profitable for livestock feeders and ranchers

New YorkAnd the 25 July 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Bion Environmental Technologies, Inc. (OTC QB:BNET), a developer of advanced livestock waste processing technology that dramatically reduces environmental impacts and restores valuable resources, has signed a LOI with Ribbonwire Ranch to build a 15,000 sustainable cattle feed operation in Dalhart, Texas. The facility will include innovative shed systems, anaerobic digesters, and advanced waste treatment technology from Bion.

Bion and Ribbonwire will work together to create a final joint project this fall, allowing plans to move forward to begin building Dalhart Sustainable beef facility through 2023. The LOI contains a provision to allow the project to be expanded into four phases, representing a capacity of 60,000 head or an annual production of 180,000 head. Bion expects to enter into formal agreements with its food service and retail customers over the next few months.

The Dalhart A blockchain-verified sustainable beef production facility will be developed, reducing stress on livestock caused by extreme weather and temperatures, while addressing the environmental impacts associated with concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs). Bion’s patented technology will improve the flow of waste into valuable co-products including clean water, renewable natural gas (RNG) and organic fertilizer products. Revenue from these new production lines will convert the livestock feeder from a marginally profitable business to a profitable business.

Chad Schoonover Ribbonwire Ranch co-founder said: “We are excited to partner with Bion on this seed system. This could transform the industry. This new approach allows us to capture what has been lost, while still providing a humane environment that does not pollute the air, water or land” . Doug not“I am proud that we are working on a better way to feed livestock, a way that will allow our children and grandchildren to live and work in this region for generations to come,” said one of the founders of Ribbonwire.

Bill O’NeillBion CEO, expressed his appreciation to Ribbonwire for recognizing this opportunity and their desire to be a part of it. “We are fortunate to work with a progressive thinker like Ribbonwire Ranch. We recognize that this announcement is just the first step in making sustainable beef a reality. However, it is an important step to giving the consumer sustainable beef. They want and helping livestock feeders and producers create more value for their livestock. Equally important is the fact that we keep the waste stream from polluting our air, land and water, and we check for those improvements in the process.”

About Ribbonwire Ranch: Ribbonwire is a cattle ranch in Texas wagon operating on approximately 40,000 acres of certified organic grazing land; affiliated entity, not Farms, operating +/- 10,000 acres of farmland, of which approximately 70% is certified organic. Considered the largest organic process for cows/calves in the United States Texas State. Ribbonwire principles and not We have over 50 years of combined knowledge and experience in forage farming and organic livestock production.

About Bion: Bion’s patented 3rd generation technology is designed to significantly mitigate the environmental impacts of large-scale livestock production and deliver a sustainable USDA certified product to the consumer. The platform simultaneously recovers high-value co-fertilizer and eco-friendly products and renewable energy that increases revenue. Bion’s 3G Tech platform could create a path to economic and environmental sustainability with “win-win” benefits for at least a premium segment of the industry. 175 billion dollars American Livestock Industry and Consumer. For more information, see the Bion website at

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