Bluray Brings Generations Together in TURNING RED


to Bluray and DVD from director Domee Shi, Pixar Animated Studios and Walt
Disney Home Entertainment comes the story of growing up with tradition in

(Rosalie Chiang) is a thirteen-year-old girl living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
with father Jin Lee (Orion Lee) and Mother Ming Lee (Sandra Oh). She excels at
school, is a bit bossy but loved by her friends Miriam (Ava Morse), Abby (Hyein
Park) and Priya (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan). She has two worries in life, pleasing
a very overprotective mother and Tyler (Tristan Chen), the school pain in the

she is not prepared for is to add to those worries but some things just come
when they are ready. After a powerful storm in the night, Mei wakes us and
looking in the mirror staring back at her is a big red panda. Freaking out, her
mother immediately goes into panic mode as well believing her little girl has
started having a period. Learning that it is her panic that keeps her covered
in fur, Mei calms down and returns to normal.

class, she sees mom out the window and it sends her back into red panda mode.
Trying to get away as fast as she can there is no escaping Mom. Once home,
Meilin learns that generations ago, a woman named Sun Yee could transform into
a red panda to fight battles and since then every woman in the family could do
it as well.

only way to stop it is a ritual that sends the red panda spirit back on the
night of the Red Moon. The problem is that is also the same night that Meilin
and her friends are supposed to see their favorite band 4* Town in concert and,
the girls have all been raising money to pay for the concert tickets. Meilin
even uses her red panda persona to make the final bit of money they need.

to appear at Tyler’s birthday, everything goes horribly wrong when Mom shows up
and learns that Meilin has been doing things she cannot believe! Now, Grandma (Wai
Ching Ho) and the Aunts have shown up to help put the red panda back in the box
as it were. There is only one place Meilin wants to be and that is with her
gal-gang at the SkyDome to see 4* Town.

happens next is a red panda revolution between Mom, Meilin and all the women in
the family who know what needs to be done – and they better do it quickly!

as Meilin offers up her vocals giving us a thirteen-year-old girl who wants to
just be as wild (as wild as a thirteen-year-old can be) and enjoy friends and
life. There is a delightfulness that she brings to a character going through so
many changes. Oh as mom Ming is a bit scary with her overprotective and a bit
overbearing ways. She pushes her daughter into a corner and a red panda emerges
to push back wanting to change their future together.

Morse and Park are as energetic as Meilin’s friends as Mei herself. Even when
their friend turns her back on them when they need her the most, forgiveness
and friendship always win out.

as Tyler is a young man who, believe it or not, is trying to find a way to have
friends. It is his approach to it that needs some help. He is going through his
own growing up issues and, like Meilin, has no one to reach out to about it.

cast includes Lori Chinn as Auntie Chen, Mia Tagano as Lily, Sherry Cola as
Helen, Lillian Lim as Auntie Ping, Jordan Fisher as Robaire and Finneas
O’Connell as Jesse and Topher Ngo as Aaron T and Grayson Villanueva as Tae
Young and Josh Levi as Aaron Z of 4* Town, 
and James Hong as Mr. Gao.

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Bonus Features include Audio Commentary, Featurettes with Life of a Shot,
Build Your Own Boy Band, Ani-Mei-Tion, Deleted Scenes with Intro Meilin, Taming
the Panda, The Debate, Fei and Christina Hang, 4*Town Dilemma, Roping in Leo
and Easter Egg Robutton Deleted Scenes.

RED has so many different issues that are wonderfully wrapped in a red panda.
First, this is a generational film in that history repeats itself from mother
to daughter but, Meilin is about to make some serious changes. As each
confrontation with Mom happens, the young girl has to find it within herself to
be herself.

film also addresses the expectations for Meilin but she lives a double life.
Once away from Mom, she has friends, interests and is getting to that age where
boy watching is a friend gathering sport. I have to admit, watching her with
the gal-gang reminded me so much of how it was, and my granddaughter wanted to
know if its going to be that fun when she gets that age (talk to me again in
seven years!).

is also the traditional story of a woman warrior that is reminiscent of the
film MULAN. Another young lady who lives with the struggle of wanting to be
what her parents see as a daughter yet wants to break away. The film also
carries the same wonderful stories of ancestors and their importance to the
Asian culture.

RED is just delightful, funny, charming and chocked full of life lessons and
the importance of knowing a family past yet embracing the potential of the

the end – growing up is a beast!



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