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I noticed the cotton beginning to fall from the trees and carry on the wind this past weekend. That means it is bowfishing season. Carp love to suck the cotton off the surface of the water and it is getting to be time for their spawning season so they will be moving into the shallows.

Becoming an archer takes dedication and lots of practice. Making the transition to becoming a bowfishing enthusiast takes even more practice.

Bow fishing does require some special equipment, so you have some initial investment in the sport. Getting used to the phenomena known as refraction takes a little more time and more practice. It is physics in action.

Have you ever pushed a stick into the water and noticed that it looked “bent” at the point it entered the water? This is refraction. As light passes from one transparent medium to another, the light literally changes speed, and bends. How much of a bend happens depends on the refractive index of the mediums and the angle between the light ray and the angle of the stick you put into the medium. In other words, your stick will look like it is bent more in oil than in water.

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In 1621, a Dutch physicist named Willebrord Snell derived the relationship between the different angles of light as it passes from one transparent medium to another. There is an intimidating looking algebraic equation to figure all this out, but bow fishing enthusiast just need to learn to aim low.

Refraction causes fish to look like they are in a different location than they really are. If you shoot straight at the fish you see, your arrow will pass over it. When you launch an arrow, you need to aim a few inches lower than it looks like you should. It does take some getting used to.

Bowfishing is just another way to enjoy the outdoors and have lots of fun. Good Luck!

You don’t have to look far to see the number of women getting involved in outdoor sports is increasing. Women are enjoying all aspects of the outdoors and with that comes the need for gear and equipment tailored for women. Purchases by women now make up fastest growing segment of the outdoors market.

As overall numbers of male hunters and anglers have remained relatively steady in recent years, the number of women participants continues to climb. Today, women make up 27 percent of all anglers. Women comprise 11 percent of hunters in this country.

Some other notable statistics are:

· 44 percent of female anglers fish freshwater for largemouth bass

· 72 percent of female freshwater anglers used artificial lures

· 59 percent of female anglers used live bait

· 56 percent of female anglers who fish saltwater do so for any fish that bites

· 96 percent of female anglers fish with rod and reel

· 60 percent of women who hunt do so for whitetail deer

· 76 percent of men hunters shoot rifles, 59 percent of women

· 47 percent of women hunters use shotguns, 43 percent for men

· 28 percent of women hunters are archers, 23 percent are men

I see this trend continuing to grow. Way to go Ladies!

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