Brian Kelly strives to make LSU more fit to win championships

  • Many have criticized Brian Kelly as being unsuitable for LSU, but this factor may be the most overrated criterion for coaches.
  • 60-year-old Brian Kelly is the opposite of his predecessor Ed Orgeron and one of the four active college football coaches, including Mac Brown.
  • John Makovich was once terribly fit for the Texans, but he won or shared three titles at the Longhorn Conferences.

ATLANTA – Brian Kelly was taken for the job, if not in the lumber room, and he hasn’t yet coached for a game at LSU.

Welcome to the south, stranger.

The meat of the former Notre Dame coach, who had never trained south of the Mason Dixon streak, became very public and almost instantaneously.

For example:

What Cajun dialect was suddenly adopted?

Did he just trade pasta and lobster for catfish etouff and shrimp popboys?

And we all know how much fam-uh-lee means to him.

Is he really that bad a dancer?

Gibbs, let the guy play a game first before the second guessing season begins.

All of the early criticism is due to one factor: Is Kelly a good fit at LSU?

Can. Maybe not.

Does it even matter if it suits him?


I’d argue that doesn’t happen at all as long as he embraces Cajun culture like Fam uh Lee, eats at least some okra and grilled oysters every day, and yes, wins a lot at LSU. Mostly if he wins big.

Fit to win.

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