Brooklinen, Dyson, and Keurig: The Best Online Sales Right Now

Today, you’ll find a bargain on Brooklinen Bedding, Dyson V10 Vacuum Cleaner at discounted prices and savings at Keurig. All that and more below.

birthday sale

Save on favorite sheets, bedspreads, sleepwear online, and more thanks to Brooklinen’s annual Christmas Sale. You can get 20% off everything on the site, including everything you need for maximum comfort. Swap out crunchy winter bedding and relax in the softest linen sheets or rest your head on a pillow we love.

Mother’s Day Sale


During tomorrow, Keurig is offering 25% off sitewide when you use code LOVEMOM22 at checkout. Whether you’re buying a new coffee machine or stocking up on the grounds, this cut is a great opportunity to keep your caffeine down this spring. This sale only lasts until April 27th, so feel free to browse their site now.

Easter sale

Calling all artisans – the ultimate DIY brand Cricut offers huge discounts on a range of their best products. You can get up to 30% off a range of items designed for use with the Cricut machine, plus save on assembling the Original Cricut, Air and Explore.

$599.99 $461 at Walmart

Dyson at 10

Dyson vacuums are always a good addition to a household cleaning product line – although they are a better choice. The V10 is an ultra-lightweight cordless option that comes with different accessory options to suit all your cleaning needs. A full charge gives you up to 60 minutes of use. From now until April 30th at Walmart, you can get this vacuum for just $461—cheaper than Black Friday prices and a deal you don’t want to miss.

$349.99 $157.99 at Amazon

If outdoor grilling isn’t possible, bring your summer barbecue indoors with Ninja Foodi. This indoor grill cooks your food with an ultra-hot 500-degree, high-density grill grid for great flavor and perfect charcoal marks every time. Not only can Foodi turn frozen foods into ready-to-eat meals in just 25 minutes, the versatile device also functions as an air fryer, dryer and oven.

More deals to shop

• It’s summer and that means it’s ice cream season: Ninja CREAMi Ice Cream Maker is $60 off Amazon right now and can handle everything from smoothie bowls to gelato.

• Put the Tile Slim in your wallet and never lose it to switch bags and wallets again – grab one now on DailySteals for $12.99.

• The Dyson V8 vacuum goes everything from a floor vacuum to a hand vacuum at the push of a button, making it a great choice for small spaces—and now a $150 off sale at Walmart through April 30th.

• Adjustable suspension system and hip strap make Gregory’s Tetrad 40 Backpack the perfect choice for summer travel – and $90 off REI now.

• A smoke-free Fahrenheit fire pit gives you flames with minimal smoke levels – and weighs 20 pounds. It’s easy to navigate too. Get this summer travel companion at $100 off Best Buy.

• It’s officially barbecue season, and now you can save up to $150 on grills, plus patio furniture and plants, at Home Depot.

• With an adjustable kettlebell, your weights can get stronger as you do too – and now the JAXJOX performance tracker kettlebell’s $100 is available at Best Buy.

• Full-price M.Gemi ‘Made in Italy’ clogs at 30% off with code CNN30, perfect for heading out this spring.

• Unlock your family tree puzzles at $100 off 23 & Me at Amazon when you clip the coupon on the page.

• Get 25% off all Crocs shoes at eBay now through April 30th, and give your feet a break when you’re at work or recycling.

You may have missed out on deals

Dash Tasty Air Fryer

$59.99 $45.70 at Amazon

Dash Tasty Air Fryer

Our pick of the best affordable air fryer is more budget friendly right now, thanks to the discount on Amazon. Although Dash Tasti-Crisp lacks the presets, settings and modes of high-end options, its powerful performance and compact size make it an ideal choice for apartments. This is the lowest price we’ve seen on this model since Black Friday, so don’t miss this opportunity to save.

Dreamsky Alarm Clock

USD 25.99 $16.99 at Amazon

That’s a huge drop in price on the alarm clock we love, the DreamSky. An easy-to-use alarm clock with no bells and whistles getting in your way, DreamSky is simple, durable, and highly readable, and it will get you out of bed in the morning with a not-so-loud sound. Now only $16.99, this is a handy addition to your nightstand that won’t break the bank.

Anker Soundcore Life Q20 Headphones

$59.99 $50.39 With Coupon Cut On Page At Amazon

In our editors’ test, the Anker Soundcore Life Q20 headphones were named the best budget choice. At just $60, the headphones offer amazing noise-canceling ability, plus great comfort and sound quality to boot. Now at a discount of just over $50 when the coupon is clipped to the page, the Soundcore Life Q20s will beat their price even more.

Instant Pot Pro Plus, 6-Quart

$169.99 $149.95 at Amazon

Our pick for the best pressure cooker, the Instant Pot Pro Plus, 6-Quart, is currently down to $149.95. With an easy-to-use interface featuring 10 preset functions and app control, this model promises to be the holy grail of small kitchen appliances — and it delivers on many of its promises. Even novice chefs can easily achieve great results on a variety of recipes.

who gives crap

20% off your first subscription

who gives crap

1 If you’re trying to be more environmentally friendly, finding more sustainable solutions for the products you use every day is an easy way to reduce your impact. Recycled toilet paper is a solution you might not have thought of, but the products from Who Gives a Crap are uncensored favorites. During tomorrow, you can get 21% off your first subscription with the code CNNEARTH, so it’s time to try this sustainable exchange.

our place

Super Spring Sale

The online favorite, Our Place, is known for its stylish DTC cookware that promises to replace up to eight kitchen pots and pans in just one pot. Currently, the brand is offering 20% ​​off all of its bestselling products, including the much-loved Always Pan, the recently launched Perfect Pot and more.

Braun touchless forehead thermometer

$59.99 $28.80 at Amazon


Our best selection of digital thermometers has been reduced to the lowest price we’ve ever seen. The Braun No-Touch can be carried up to two inches away, and there’s a positioning sensor that lights up your forehead to make sure you’re on the right point on the head when taking the temperature. With the option to silence any noise and a see-in-the-dark LED display, the Braun No-Touch thermometer provides everything you need — plus some — in a thermometer.

Lifetime Microsoft Office license

$349 $49.99 at Stacksocial

You can now get a lifetime license to Microsoft Office Home & Business for only $49.99. Whether you use Office for home or work purposes, or on a Mac or Windows PC, this is a great deal on a PC essential. With instant delivery and download on MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, and OneNote, this deal is hard to beat.

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