Camper box: Visu invents an innovative kit at just 4,000 euros to turn a VW T7 into a mobile home

Last year, the Volkswagen T7 Multivan hit the market, which has the potential to become one of the most stylish and smart motorhomes of all time… The comfort inside is quite impressive, with traditional floor rails, single third row seats or even a table Multifunctional. And in terms of power, it’s not bad either because it’s equipped with a hybrid powertrain and semi-autonomous highway driving. But the Czech company VISU thought to make this multivan a real mobile home thanks to a package of about 4,000 euros. By adapting its truck range to the latest Volkswagen Multivan, the VISU T7 becomes a true living space that offers all the comforts of a true mobile home. Discovery.

What is this mobile group?

The VISU range allows you to convert your Multivan T7 and add a bed, indoor dining room, outdoor kitchen with convertible grill and plenty of storage space. The Czech company doesn’t call its conversion kit, but a “trolley box,” because it imagines its invention as a box. that turns a multivan into a haven of peace, A space that truly feels like your home… It’s not easy, however, to design a kit for a mid-size truck that can be installed and uninstalled within existing walls.

VISU Stroller Kit. Image credit: VISU

How is it different from other RV kits?

Most camper sets offer an outdoor kitchen and a pull-out bed, but few offer the opportunity to sit outside or on benches indoors…so VISU adds to its sleeping platform Hinged center panel flips up It forms a table using a removable leg. The two walls of the platform fold down to form benches. For the kitchen, VISU optimizes the space with a sliding kitchen that can be stored under the bed and adding a grill and gas stove that can be used directly. Finally, a foldable grease guard is installed behind the unit and also serves as protection for the pillows that are used as mattresses.

Some other features?

In the Camper Box you will not find a built-in sink: VISU chose a 15-liter container with a pour spout, and for storage it is equipped with a large 35-liter aluminum container. On the other hand, the bed rests on a laser-cut metal frame that also serves as a storage. VISU launched this range last year, but has reworked it to fit the new Volkswagen. he is It can also fit T5 or T6 models German brand and on other Fiat, Mercedes or Ford trucks. The set starts at $3,940.

Transformation kit for only 4000 euros
Transformation kit priced at 4000 euros only. Image credit: VISU

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