Camping season looks good

Based on data collected from its members, Camping Québec President and CEO Simon Tessier expects the camping season that is just beginning almost everywhere to be very good.

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“We are expecting a very good season. The expert explained that we surveyed our members recently to see what the booking is going to be like. About 50% of those told us to stick with a season similar to last year’s, which was an excellent season. Another 30% told us to adapt to a superior season. So we can say that 80% of our members expect a good season, equal or superior, which is excellent for us.”

The organization is in the process of updating its study on the practice of camping and its economic impact.

“This year, since we will not see borders closed and reopened, we will therefore be able to gauge the economic impact of last year and this season. We want to get a picture of the situation and see if the border profile has a significant impact on our market. In our study, we must take into account An important element is the increase in the cost of gasoline. In general, we still expect a good season.”

important memory

This season marks 60H Anniversary of camping in Quebec.

“For us, it’s our 60th Anniversary of Camping Quebec and Guide du Camping. We changed two nights in a $50 promotion into two nights at $60. You have to understand that it’s been over 10 years since we touched that price for promotional weekends. So, due to our anniversaries, and to keep campers happy, we’ve increased our number by one weekend in the spring and another in the fall, bringing us $60 for two to four nights.In the spring, the packages will be valid May 27-28 and June 3-4. It’s a way to thank the campers and at the same time boost our industry.”

The second fall will take place in September. Since these special packages are very popular, the expert advises to book very quickly.

“Not all campgrounds are participating in this promotion but I would say there are approximately 300 participants this spring. Some campgrounds may choose to extend the show but these two nights cover Friday and Saturday nights. It is very important that when booking, campers make it clear that they They want to take advantage of the promotion.”

The big season begins in mid-May, which marks the beginning of operations for many. Regardless of lands in the far north or even far east of Quebec, the machine is on the move. To find out more:

Urban legend – urban legend

The last point he stressed during his interview with us, the CEO made a point to illustrate what he calls the urban camping legend.

“There is an urban legend going around that all campsites are full of summer. We have to fight with that because that is not the case at all. Often, checks are made with one or two campsites in an area, which can be filled. Comes Person to extrapolate the same situation in 1075 campgrounds in Quebec. It is wrong to think so. There is always room in the vast majority of camps. Surely during the busiest weekends such as Saint-Jean-Baptiste or Confederation, some may be short of space , but the total number of courts in Quebec, there is still space in many of them.”

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