Campings maeva is committed to eco-labelling

Campings maeva, the camping brand of the Pierre & Vacances-Centre Parcs group, with its network of 29 subsidiaries, has chosen to actively participate in the environmental transformation with “ eco view » Sponsored by ADEME.

Eco-labelling is a source of information for consumers and a vector of transformation for businesses, at the heart of the challenges of environmental transformation and its application to the outdoor hotel industry was launched in November 2021 at the initiative of the Herault division.

With a desire to be a responsible player and mobilizer for more sustainable tourism, Campings maeva has been associated with this initiative for two years now. The brand accompanies and financially supports, in association with ADEME, all 29 of its affiliated campsites in continually minimizing their environmental impact.

Screen for Environmental Impact Assessment of Camp Sites

Well known on home appliances and automobiles, the “environmental labeling” system supported by ADEME and the Ministry of Environmental Transformation is also present in the hotel sector.” classic Since 2017.

When applying environmental labels to outdoor accommodations, they achieve a triple objective:

  • Provide camp managers with a tool to assess the environmental impact of their activity,
  • Support the outdoor hotel sector in the environmental transformation,
  • Providing consumers with objective and comparable information

3 out of 4 consumers will be affected by an eco-label when making a purchase, according to ADEME.

In the organization of holidays, there are now 72 Percentage of French travelers who stress the importance of traveling in a sustainable way for them [1].

With an interest in more respectful and responsible tourism, active participation in eco-labelling is now part of the conditions for entry into the Campings maeva chain. This situation immediately gained mass support. Camping site managers are committed to improving their practices to meet the new expectations of their clients. We are now giving them real support to accelerate the environmental transformation of our industry. Says Nicholas Buren, General Manager Maeva.

Campings maeva: a series committed to the environment

Campings maeva has 12 new affiliates this year, and the chain’s location and commitment have won them over.

All 29 Campings maeva institutions are now committed to “ environmental display Whatever their range: maeva Club, maeva Escapades, maeva Respire.

We are in perfect harmony with this new channel status. A consistent approach between changing customer expectations and the challenges that our industry must face in the face of global warming. I was able to test the ADEME reference system and its associated support approach. Improving environmental impacts has resulted in real savings on water and energy bills. good surprise ! Denis Garcia, owner of Camping maeva Escapades Le Lac ***, testifies in Carnac.

maeva Respire, going further and combining the best campsites with ecological transition

The latest addition to the series, maeva Respire, is a unique holiday concept that combines the best of scope and respect for the environment, to meet the new needs of holidaymakers, who are increasingly sensitive to the environment. It is also an affiliate program to engage organizations in a true environmental transition.

Park environmental management, catering, landscape integration, water and energy consumption management, waste minimization, union partnerships, hotel services… maeva Respire delivers precise specifications and support to maeva teams to effectively support the environmental transition of its campsites.

2025 Target: Combine 90 affiliate maeva Campsites and expand maeva Respire’s offering by merging 20 affiliate camp sites.

About Mifa

A platform for distribution, services and experience creators, maeva deploys an ecosystem of distribution solutions and professional services for second home owners and in general for tourism professionals in France. With a rich and diverse range of solutions, maeva is now organized around 3 activities.

  • The online holiday distribution business, embodied by its brand, a website of nearly 50,000 holiday rental addresses in France, on camping sites, private accommodations or holiday homes, is hand-picked by a team of experts. ; Two specialized brands complement the network of this activity, France from north to south and Le Ski from north to south.
  • Its own camping activity, dedicated to outdoor accommodation professionals for whom maeva has built a package of professional solutions. Thus maeva launched her own series, which was joined by independent camp sites around 3 holiday experience brands: maeva Respire, maeva Escapades and maeva Club. For the 2022 season, the chain has 29 campgrounds in France.
  • Its private vacation rental business, intended for second home owners and rental property agency managers, for which maeva offers a full range of marketing and management solutions. Thus maeva operates from the ground up, through its maeva Home brand, a network of 4,000 certified private apartments, villas and chalets, operating on land in 19 home agencies and nearly a hundred destinations in France.

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