Can cats drink milk? What kind of milk can they take?

For the longest period of time, milk has been portrayed as the perfect food for cats, and this belief has only grown with popular movies, books, and cartoons. For example, the cartoon “Tom and Jerry” was created in 1940, and the titular character, Tom the cat, was shown drinking and enjoying milk in multiple episodes of the show.

Even today, many cat owners may be led to believe that milk, especially cow’s milk, is a safe meal option for their pets. However, milk may not be the answer to all cat hunger. If you plan to feed your feline friend some milk, read ahead.

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Can cats drink milk?

In short, yes, cats can drink milk, but it may do them more harm than good.

Seasoned cat owners may already know this, but cow’s milk, a staple in most households, may cause “gastrointestinal distress” or tummy problems for a feline companion, according to Purina.

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