Can we really turn an electric SUV into a mobile home?

Skoda, which has been accustomed to unique innovations with its youth training division, is unveiling a more serious project this time around: converting the Enyaq into a pickup truck with a canvas tent. Unfortunately for those interested, it’s a unique creation. Shame.

Like the Dacia, the Adventure fits perfectly with the image of the Skoda brand that cultivates this family and its outdoorsy side. Without an all-terrain SUV in the catalog, Skoda has travel-related models, with many practicalities and space to spare on board. But despite a certain capacity, Skodas weren’t built for camping and nights under the stars either…until today! The British branch of the Czech brand today unveils a funny car Which, unfortunately, is not available for sale. This would probably make some camper van rental companies happy, but this Enyaq that responds to the sweet name of “FestEVal” (pun pun) is just a show car, a unique creation meant to show what Skoda is. Capable when it comes to customization. Shame…

A stylish Skoda for festival camping

The name was not chosen at random as this Enyaq was imagined for an audience attending the many festivals organized during the summer in Europe. An easy way to camp with a very compact tent for two adults, equipped with the usual access ladder which is then stored in the trunk. The case doesn’t stop there as a selectable, removable bed can be placed in place of the rear seats, and folds down for the occasion. In total, there is enough for four people to sleep in this Enyaq which also wins a special “box” from the manufacturer Egoe. TheWhich includes many essential items for chefs: small gas stove, sink, worktop and food storage space. The trunk capacity of 585 liters of the electric SUV was used to the maximum to bring all these little people.

Based on the Skoda Enyaq version 80, this FestEVal version is designed to reduce the loss of autonomy thanks to a roof tent that only modifies the aerodynamic coefficient very little. Sharing a Wifi connection for 8 people is standard. So an 80 kWh battery should do the job for Enyaq Which may have been worth a little more than one achievement. In any case, it continues to highlight the new trend of converted compact vehicles, built on the basis of passenger cars or light commercial vehicles, such as the Renault Nomad.

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