Can we trust Christian McCaffrey again, and more NFC South questions

One of the most popular ways to start preparing your fantasy football for next season is not only See positional arrangement But also if every NFL team is attacking.

Which teams are most prepared for success? What teams are set to struggle? Which of the prospective under-feeding teams has a latent fantasy talent for me? Which of those top teams could disappoint the fantasy directors?

Over the coming weeks, fantasy football analyst Liz Loza will examine each section and highlight the biggest fantasy issues facing each team at home. Next, NFC South!

Can Kyle Bates achieve a return on investment in the current third round of ADP?

Kyle Bates Fantasy-inspired debates on the web head to 2021. The phenomenon emerged from Florida for drunken ceiling seekers while at the same time arousing topical pragmatists. It looked as if Bates wanted to placate the haters and reward the optimist after clearing 100 yards in back-to-back games in his fifth and sixth pro games. Eventually, however, the Hawks’ attack fell flat, allowing opposing defenses to get into the jumbo receiver and limit it to a baseline 68-1,026-1.

But the upside is hell medication. And The Believers keep being sold on Bates’ potential… which explains the 21-year-old’s ADP third round in the NFC format.

Like last year, the look will be there. between Calvin Ridleycomment and Russell GigDeparture, approximately 150 targets in ATL have been evacuated. Bates guarantees a target share of the top five of more than 20 percent, even with additives Drake London And the Brian Edwards. However, what it does not guarantee is the promotion under the center.

Matt Ryan It might not be described as ‘dynamic’, but it plays clean and consistent. The former QB Falcons never missed more than two games in a season (2009) and cleared at least 4,000 yards in 9 of their last 10 campaigns (3,968 in 2021). The same cannot be said about Marcus Mariotawho hasn’t made his double-digit starts since 2018 and had a career-highest pass attempts at 453 in 2017, while his total pass yards was 3,426 in 2016.

Given Mariota’s injury history, I’ll take over in five games Desmond Reader. As much as I like the novice’s long-term potential, it doesn’t do much for Bates stock this season…thus ensuring a drop below the 5.9 Target Quality Rating (TE4) he enjoyed under Ryan in 2021.

Elite tight ends tend to appear between the second and third year, indicating that Bates is on the brink of a monster effort. He’s also finding the finish zone more than once in 2022. Although given that his new QB scored a red-zone completion percentage outside the top 30 during his last two seasons in Tennessee, and points to London’s ability in the red, it’s not Possibly Beats will remove 6 TDs. This makes it – under these special circumstances – overrated in the third round when it exits the board in the same area as the receivers. T. Higgins And the Michael Bateman. Bold predictions: 74-962-6

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Is it still right to spend a top five pick on Christian McCaffrey?

Nothing about Carolina’s unofficial moves suggests that Christian McCaffrey He will not, again, be at the center of a leopard attack.

Ben McAdoo – Who was Giants OC in 2014 and 2015 when Eli Manning Recorded the best professional numbers – replace Joe Brady And it brings with it more of an uptempo system designed to get the ball out of a midfielder’s hands quickly. upgrade from Sam Darnold to me Baker Mayfield – Regardless of talking about the QB competition – McAdoo’s scheme gives a fighting chance of action. This, in turn, raises the level of the leopard’s talent for attracting scrolling, creating an atmosphere more conducive to the production of fantasy.

McCaffrey has never averaged less than 5.9 goals per competition throughout his career. The target floor for the upcoming season is 102 appearances – noting the offensive upgrades mentioned above – a reception drop of 85 shots.

His accelerating numbers will get you a boost in efficiency, too. The Panthers spent the graft period investing in the offensive line (the PAU had a 31st rate stuffed at 21%). Additions Bradley BozemanAnd the Austin Corbettand the ascendant “Ike” Ikuno It should support the malicious module while also providing it with much-needed depth. Fold in add a power runner Donna Foreman (who bore the burden memorably for Derek Henry last season) and McCaffrey’s chance of staying fresh seems legitimate.

However, the question was not about the enormity of the CMC’s role… but whether or not his body was up to the task.

McCaffrey has played only 10 games in the past two seasons. A series of lower body injuries (which began showing a strain in the knee in Week 9 of the 2019 season) derailed the dynamic RB. I am not a medical doctor, but by collaborating with Dr. Alex Weber in my country Comfort Series vs RustI’ve learned that recurring problems in a particular place (and side) of the body generally do not reverse course for the greater part of professional athletes.

The workload must be adjusted (i.e. reduced) in order to prevent breakage. And as described above… that doesn’t seem likely.

McCaffrey has medium distress throughout the season. He opened 2022 in a solid spot, however, with only two tough games (NO and SF) during his first five games. If one were to invest in CMC, my advice would be to sell high early in the season (week 4 vs. Arizona) before dealing with a killer row of d streaks from weeks 5-7 (vs SF, @LAR, vs TB) The risk of fracture increases exponentially.

Christian McCaffrey has struggled to stay healthy for the past two seasons. Should you prioritize him in the 2022 fantasy football drafts? (Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images)

Will Alvin Camara keep the RB1 numbers under Dennis Allen?

Alvin Camara He will maintain some continuity in training in 2022. Along with Dennis Allen is promoted to head coach, Carmichael’s house – who has been with the Saints since 2006 and has served as the team’s OC since 2009 – will remain in the role and take on official play-call duties in the post-Sean Payton era.

Last year, however, without Drew Press (maybe effect Joe Lombardi) Camara numbers decreased. Despite scoring a career high of 240, Karama managed 3.5 yards per Curry (RB64) and had a paltry four hauls. While his over-air TD total was better (5), the former PPR lead failed to clear 80 grabs (47) for the first time in his five-year career.

The drop in production can be attributed – at least in part – to the chaos under the center position and the knee injury he sustained in Week 9. Due to the potential for six match suspensions plus extras Jarvis Landry And the Chris OlafAnother campaign of 80 hunts looks deep in the rearview mirror.

Kamara is part of the team’s fictional past. But the already mentioned Olaf is the future.

The most complete game in the 2022 class, Olave’s game is equal parts athleticism and intelligence, as evidenced by his track style and boundary awareness. He’s fragile, sudden, and diagonal in his movements, constantly forcing defenders (and crews) to second-guess themselves. He has the refinement (and the opportunity given the question marks surrounding the availability of Kamara and Michael Thomas) to step in and contribute immediately. Grab it in the 10th round and get bogged down in all that league-winning up-and-coming trend.

Is Chris Goodwin being overrated or undervalued?

Rating done!

Chris Goodwin He suffered a grade 3 ACL tear (torn completely in half, allowing instability in the knee joint) and a grade 2 MCL sprain on December 19 last year. A return to sport for athletes after having reconstructed the ACL (Goodwin underwent surgery on January 3, 2022) for nine months, making a return in early October possible. However, there is a difference between returning to the sport and returning to the previous level of performance.

Reports suggest the 26-year-old will start 2022 on the PUP roster, keeping him on the sidelines through week six. Back to crime. The Russell Gig Acquisition – who was Enthusiastically led by Tom Brady – Bucs are allowed to be conservative about Godwin’s return.

According to current ADP data, Godwin is a WR20, who fell off the boards in the fifth rounds of a twelve-team workout. He’s undoubtedly a top 10 contributor when he’s healthy, but in a game that requires managers to start hot, a fifth-round stash feels like an unnecessary reaction. Instead, I’d rather be proactive about a higher rookie player like DJ More or Marquis Brown. And if you really want to attach WR to Brady, bet Gage on round 9 or 10.

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