Cattle farm: hay or no hay?

As I write this, there is a forecast of mild weather for two weeks – no bad weather in sight. So far, we’ve been vacillating between saving the rain it’s raining due to a poor forecast and wanting to throw out more hay because if it’s not cut, it can’t be dried.

All this is to say, this cannabis industry is nerve-wracking. So, what to do but be patient and not fuss. Easy to say. We depend on some degree of cooperation from Mother Nature.

The heat forecast is not as severe as last year. That’s fine – a happy way to dry flooded fields and score bushy hay crops.

One’s morale rises with good expectations and will remain high as long as expectations do not suddenly change. However, we will continue to read five predictions several times a day. Thunder heads are not as alarming as the blackness of half the sky.

My analysis, or my reading of the weather, is not important in the scheme of things. What is important is the ability to “enjoy” the challenges and opportunities that climate change presents to us.

Good luck and good decisions go hand in hand sometimes. If they do, we are good managers: if they don’t, are we bad managers, or are we just bad managers of our destiny?

You will succeed and you will be. An old adage from the time of previous wars “…damn torpedoes” might give clues to our feelings. Danger may await us, but we will fight the battle as it was. Rainstorms will be the torpedoes we have to worry about.

Enthusiasm and unrelenting hard work, is not the order of the day. Being calm, calm, and enthusiastic will heighten the endeavor.

The endeavor here on the farm is to raise another generation of energetic, happy and skilled ranchers, or, as I prefer, citizens of the world. We know that the world we live in has some billionaires choosing to vacation on Mars, and others making fortunes from a technological revolution in farming technology.

The masses of farmers/food producers will not get rich in terms of money, but they will have a rich legacy in cultural terms: caring, dare I say, loving, the land and the living things on it and the people who run the parts of creation we live with.

Happy New Year.

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